Hasbro ready to Scrabble for games market share?

Hasbro has recently announced that the company has bought back from Atari the digital gaming rights to its key franchises, including Monopoly, Scrabble and Risk.

It could see Hasbro Interactive return to the market after an absence of six years.

What games would you look forward to playing again on your console/handheld/PC??

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DiLeCtioN3914d ago

what they gonna use monopoly

ISay3914d ago

looks like they are looking to roll the dice once more, sorry i have nothing better to do then make bad jokes ill leave now. :(

Rama262853914d ago

I could see Monopoly coming onto the PSP and/or DS as well as Scrabble. I think mobile phones and PDA's could be a good target as well.

Could anyone imagine having a big 3D version of Monopoly on their PS3/360?? lol