Move 'truly brings motion control to core domain' - Sony

The acute accuracy of the PS3's Move controller will be what "truly" brings motion control "into the domain of core gamers", says the head of Sony India, Atindriya Bose.

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T9X692931d ago

But how many of those Core gamers will give up their DS3 to use the Move? I will always prefer a controller over any type of Motion control. Don't mean I wont try it though.

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blitz06232931d ago

I don't understand your comment. Move is mostly optional to games that also use DS3 like KZ3. It will be integrated into the disc so you can switch between versions. No one will 'give up' their DS3 to use move. You can play with either anytime you want.

jneul2931d ago

quite a lot of them when a girl like me owns them online on a shooter with the move, it's going to be my advertising pitch for the move, every time I kill someone I going to say you've just been moved lol!!

klado2931d ago

Check out how xbox trolls are the firs tin each move article...lmao

Gotta love these guys.

rezzah2931d ago

I wont give up my DS3 for the Move, But I will use the Move to play motion games like sorcery and Heros.

Spenok2930d ago

Thats pretty much how i'm feeling about it. I will be an early adopter to Move. A lot of the games they have for it look very good. But i prefer me a standard Controller as well.

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NotoriousWarrior2931d ago

I don't think you have to give up DS3, Move is an option to those that would prefer a motion controller.

mrv3212931d ago

For once I agree with compared to Microsoft, Sony has done LESS than nothing for core games. I mean just look at the outstanding long list of core games that use Kinect you have things like... erm the list is too long even to give one example. /SARCASM.

insomnium2930d ago

Thanks for the wake up laugh.


You guys don't ever wonder if Hacker is a Bot and not a person? He is 24/7 Trolling, like Greenredofdeath, bungie and others.

Lombax2931d ago

I often wonder if all the extreem trolls are just Bloodmask's alt accounts.

RememberThe3572931d ago

I wouldn't put it past him. He spends WAY too much time on N4G.

Merivigian2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Any company can vouch for their product, it's the consumer's reports that matter to me.

Tee7soo2931d ago

Viva España

Cant wait to try MOVE with killzone 3
its like a dream came true ..

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The story is too old to be commented.