Video report from Amsterdam Halo 3-event; Legendary Edition, real-life Master Chief, the game and more

Game1 released a video that shows the recent Halo 3 event in Amsterdam. Although the video is Dutch spoken, you can see the various activities and presentations, like a real-life Master Chief, the Legendary Edition, a laser-gaming event and - ofcourse - the game itself. Check it out below.

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Daz3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Like the video but what did he say lol. Some of it is old taken from old mutiplyer beta videos.

sjappie3887d ago

that we didn't know yet.

Schmitty073887d ago

You can see an Elite get killed, so now we know they are def in multi

Sangheili853887d ago

i guess you don't follow the game much bungie announced elites in MP a long time ago. They also get different armor sets like the spartans. they confirmed you will not see brutes in MP.