Ono looking to reveal new title at Comic-Con

Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono tells fans that they're in for a treat and has indicated that he'll be revealing a new game at Comic-Con.

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Prcko2905d ago

i only w8 for comic con to see new details on awesome game twisted metal nothing else!

Valay2905d ago

That's one game to look forward to, but it also sounds like there will be a number of announcements there.

UnSelf2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

DMC5 exclusive

VJ3 exclusive

Okami 2 exclusive

Megmaman Legends 3 exclusive

*gets on hands and knees and prays for one of these*

Sev2905d ago

If it's going to be revealed at Comic Con, it's looking even more like it will be DarkStalkers.

DarkStalkers makes sense on so many levels, mainly due to the fact they have this great next-gen 2D fighting engine that's capable of producing great games.

Reibooi2905d ago

I give it about a 15% chance of being Street Fighter Alpha 4 and about a 85% chance of being Darkstalkers. It makes so much more sense to be Darkstalkers though as we know Ono wanted to make another game in the series and now is the perfect time for him to do so sense Super Street Fighter IV is done.

I really hope that's what it is because it has been to long since a new Darkstalkers game.

RedPawn2905d ago

I think it's DarkStalkers also, because UdonComics just started putting out new comics.

Prcko2905d ago

By the way, if you want something cool, you really need to be at the Comic Con panel. All I'm sayin :)

The comic con panel is in room 8 at 1pm on Friday (day 2 of the con)! Finalizing the panel now, but should be really fun and cool surprises.

Just woke up, can't sleep. It's 3am. TOTALLY jazzed about Comic Con! Not just our panel, just the whole show :) I=geek :)

can'tz w8 to see new details!!!

Valay2905d ago

Yup. We know Twisted Metal will be there. I'm personally looking forward to it a great deal.

mjolliffe2905d ago

Should be an interesting event :)

Ryuha1234h2905d ago

It's probally a new Darkstalkers
I'm hoping it's Street Fighter Alpha 4

Simon_Brezhnev2905d ago

no i dont want a street fighter alpha but he will fuck up darkstalkers tho get ready for every character to look like hulk.

xino2905d ago

don't tell me you will all fail for it:/

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The story is too old to be commented.