How to be a Noob on Battlefield Bad Company 2

Today may be the greatest day of my… well, week. It’s Sunday after-all. Anyway, after years on XBox Live, I have finally attained the greatest achievement of them all: hate mail. Finally, I have played a game at such a level that it resonated deep into the soul of another player, affecting them in a way that was so profound and life altering, that it prompted them to actually send me a message in a fit of rage. Now if I was being an asshole and glitching or stealing some dudes AC-130, or any of the other stupid shit you can do in that inferior, knock off camp fest game, then I probably would have let it slide. When some little noob-cake sends me a message because I am owning his ass while he uses the cheapest tactics possible and gets burned doing it, that’s where I draw the line. Let me break it down for you.

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captain-obvious2690d ago

the things that he says happens everyday on BFBC2
so why do we need to read this ??

OneSneakyMofo2690d ago

The C4 on UAV strategy is really retarded. Like the guy said, I could understand doing it on a four wheeler or in a car because YOU are actually partaking in it.

Raz2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

"any of the other stupid shit you can do in that inferior, knock off camp fest game"

Yeah, right - MW2 is soooo much less of a knock-off camp fest. Nobody being an asshole or glitching on there.. /sarcasm

I am VERY disappointed, however, that PSN just posted unlocks that let you get all the perks without any skill - all you need is a wallet. xP

cyberwaffles2689d ago

i honestly never felt so embarrassed over someone on the internent like you. i don't like using this term either...but, that is just ultimate ownage lol!

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caesar842690d ago

lmao... all i see is the little kid on the School Bus flippin off Jay and Silent Bob

caesar842690d ago

RonyDean | 2m ago folks

LeonSKennedy4Life2690d ago


How can you suck at BFBC2?!? There's no strategy involved whatsoever! People tell me there is, but you can run 'n gun or camp all you want.

It's a total noobfest!

They took cheap shots at MW2 during the campaign also...which makes no sense. MW2 has a much better campaign. Lol. Don't make fun of something if the original is better. (Satires aside)

MAG, people! Play MAG!

n4gno2690d ago

Ok for MAG, but bbc2 is way better than noob/casual fest : MW2.

Eiffel2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Out of 256 possible players a match it's a guarantee which would have the bigger noobfest. Just saying...

Though anything is better than MW2, so Hoorah.

mrv3212690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Bad Companies story atleast offers some closure.

Since this is MW2 I'll put a spoiler warning up.

Effectively during the last hour of play for last 25% of the game depends how you look at it you meet this new bad guy your old boss he soon become your new target and before you even ask a question you kill him he's the shiny keys to you the magpie dangled in front of your face in a desperate attempt for you to forget about Makarov THE ACTUAL bad guys because they didn't have time to finish the story.

MW2 is unrealistic, stupid and designed purely for the set pieces of which Uncharted 2 did better.

If you had a grenade for breakfast every morning for a year you'd get used to it, Uncharted 2 is finding a grenade in to special K, which is more exciting? BTW MW2 story=A grenade for breakfast every morning, it just gets old. Shoot, run, hold square, shoot, poor cutscene, explosion.

There's some strategy in BC2 a single good squad of 4 could win a rush mode... easy.

'3. MW2's story was well written, well performed, well scored, and (most importantly) made me care about the characters!!! '

No. NO. NO! I know of adverts with better stories. Name me 5 MW2 characters...

BFBC2 compared to MW2 danger close pro, Commando pro is a military sim.

I've played a 256 MAG match... BTW.

LeonSKennedy4Life2690d ago

1. None of you have played a 256 player match of MAG.
2. BFBC2 IS a noobfest. I get first every time.
3. MW2's story was well written, well performed, well scored, and (most importantly) made me care about the characters!!!

spektical2689d ago

if i played with you, i doubt you get first place.

pustulio2689d ago

Just by being a MW2 fanboy i doubt you get first place in anything..

MiloGarret2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

First everytime? Link to stats or bullshit.

OT: I thought the saddest part about this article was the fact that the author took the time to write it. The last message from the douchebag was seemingly quite accurate.

SixZeroFour2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

i call bs!!

internet is sooo good for calling ppl out

EDIT: in case he tries to edit is account info, he has psn as JacobIsHollywood, and gt as JakeIsHollywood

ASSASSYN 36o2689d ago

@Leon LOL! Brag fail!

You have impressed... nobody.

Wile2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

LOL LeonSKennedy4Life got owned. Fail.

SixZeroFour2689d ago

lmao...even if he won that first game, it WOULD HAVE been possible for his claim to still be correct, but he didnt even get the "ace pin" that ONE game

ukilnme2689d ago

@ LeonSKennedy4Life

LMAO. Your stats are awful so far. I love Bad Company 2 but at least I can admit that I suck at it instead of trying to make myself look like a bad-ass on N4G.

Scotland-The-Brave2689d ago

HAHAHA you just got the biggest own ever

Kurt Russell2689d ago

Lolz @ The Stats... BFBC2 is just so damn addictive. MW2 felt like a group of people running around in a circle shooting eachother in the back of their feet for an insta kill.

FunAndGun2689d ago

LOL @ Leon

You got served!

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