Reasons Not To Buy PlayStation Network Plus

Will Snizek of Associated Content lists the primary reasons not to buy PlayStation Network Plus.

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HolyOrangeCows3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

The haters don't even bother to research what they're hating on.

I've never had the issues that he describes with "disconnecting routinely"
I don't know anyone who has.
And the other part is him whining that trophies take a few seconds to sync. Pfft.

"The discounts are minimal so far and didn't seem very attractive to me"
You don't equate to everyone, buddy. That's reason for YOU to not get it, but not a general reason for NO ONE to get it. And all of the free stuff and discounts add up quickly. With a year's worth of service, you'd EASILY have the amount back in a MONTH.

Like I said, you'd get that amount back in a month. And the rest of #3 just goes on to repeat what you said in 2, which was bull.

Terrible reasons.

Reibooi3055d ago

Yeah this is just retarded.

I have never had problems with staying online. If this guy does he has something in his home network set up wrong and it's kicking him off. That or he just has a bad ISP and is getting kicked off for that.

Just because he doesn't find the discounts and games worth it doesn't mean everyone else won't. For those active in buying PS1 classics and PSN games it may not be the best deal right now because they have all that stuff already. However for someone(like myself) who never bought any PS1 classics or PSN games it's a great deal as you are getting like 10 times the price you are paying in content which is a incredible deal.

The price isn't "Steep" You want "Steep" Look at XBL that charges for things PSN does for free and makes you pay for things that are free to everyone with a internet connection like FaceBook and Twitter.

This is just a sad attempt at flamebait and it's pathetic.

Anon19743055d ago

Already bought it and I have to admit, I'm pretty happy at the moment and I'm looking forward to 15 months of freebies!

As for the article, I just don't get it. He complains about PSN's server reliability and to that I don't have a clue what he's talking about. In almost 4 years now I haven't had any real issues with PSN, and for the life of me I don't know what this has to do with PSN+.

And if he's not interested in the content, why would he get PSN+ in the first place? That's what the service is about. It's like saying "I won't pay for apples because I hate apples."

So? Then don't buy apples. It's funny so many people are up in arms over sony offering additional content that's optional for people who want to give it a try. You'd think even though PSN+ might not interest them they'd applaud the fact that Sony is expanding the options on PSN. How is variety a bad thing?

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IdleLeeSiuLung3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I think what would help Sony initially is to offer up a schedule for maybe the next 3 months of what is included. Right now, there is plenty of uncertainty regarding the value of PSN+ so I'm going to hold off. After all, I might just end up with a bunch of junk games Sony couldn't sell in the first place.

The idea of spending money on unknown content that for the most part is only available as long as I'm paying a subscription fee doesn't sound appealing as well when I can pick up the same content and own it at any time. No $50 up front fee for uncertainty... The value might be there, but it definitely isn't presented well by Sony.


Over to the issues of the article:

a) PSN+ doesn't change your PSN service i.e. it doesn't affect wetter you get disconnected or not. It however, does question PSN reliability if Sony can't get their fingers on the keyboard and get the Trophy syncing to be instantaneous something MS has been able to do since day 1. Apart from that everybody have different experiences with an online network.

b) PSN+ vs. Xbox Live Gold is not a good comparison. PSN+ is a glorified discount and rental service. Xbox Live Gold is a glorified online gaming network that you get access to. There are some weekly discounts, but the meat of it is the online game play and the interface, not the content like PSN+.

Gamerbee3055d ago

I only have a PS3. Ive bin a playstation gamer since 1994. (PS1). Ive payed for PS3 plus. Its kinda cool, Wipepout HD free is awesome. But...Its like well I payed for it. Now what? Alota the content is quite meh...So far Im kinda disapointed. But we'll see.

presto7173055d ago

The author is getting burnt alive for writing such a crappy article. Hilarious stuff...

Spenok3055d ago

Thats why i do my own research. You bring up valid points as well. This guy seems to think he is the be all end all maker of decisions.

csreynolds3055d ago

The author's problem is probably to do with his router running on the wrong WiFi channel. I had this issue when I first bought my PS3 - I was continually being dropped out.

With a bit of Googling I found a solution. I just swapped my WiFi channel from 1 (automatic) to 7 and bam: no more disconnections.

Folezicle3055d ago

Same way I feel about the 10 reasons not to get Live.

Both a good

Dee_913055d ago

then PS+ is a must have
i already subscribed to Qore
i am getting + eventually ima just wait till they add more content in the future

Monk3y3055d ago


I've never been disconnected from Playstation Network in these 2 years i've had a PS3 <.< except maintenance or my internet crashing..

Discounts are always a nice +
Free stuff is also a big +
What do you get when you pay that $50 a year for xbox live? Nothing.



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raztad3055d ago

Actually reading this article makes me consider TO BUY PSN+. What a weak list of cons.

jemarval3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

I agree.

gamingisnotacrime3055d ago

it gives a lot of content and Qore is nice. These are things i would not buy individually, like the minis or Qore, but when offered in a whole package they are fking sweet

PSfan093055d ago

i personally want to thank the author as now i will buy playstation plus

MysticStrummer3055d ago

I guess it's a good that there's no such thing as PSN+ so we don't waste money on it.

csreynolds3055d ago

Are you just being pedantic about the name of Sony's service, or is there something I'm missing here...?

HolyOrangeCows3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

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PopEmUp3055d ago

is that fat guy still here lol

infamous-butcher3055d ago

Only reason to buy it ... You see value in it.
Only reason not to buy it ... You dont see value in it.
Its as simple as the writers of these articles.

Inside_out3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Like it or not, Free on line will be coming to and end. Once Sony See's the revenue coming in, it will be all over but the crying. It will be the same as XBL with silver (Home and demos only ) and gold ( on line and all the perks ), only with half the features.

It's funny to watch the Sony fanboys running around like chickens without a head saying how great it is to have to pay the same amount as the competitor for half the features and iffy on line. How the mighty ( Sony ) have fallen in deed this gen.

It's just another lie by Sony. Advertise features then take them away. That's why they are being sued as we speak.

I'll stick with the free set up. I don't use PS3 very much anyway. LBP is the only game that gets regular attention for it's creative modes. All the good on line games are multi-platform and I play those on 360.

Rhythmattic3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

If you actually stand by that statement, I'm going to use each paragraph you have written as stories to fall.

And with that, in the end , you've just fallen from a 4th story balcony...

Drop the e, rag....

skrug3055d ago

and it's funny to watch xbox fanboys, pay the same amount as the competitor for something that is free [online gaming], and not even a 1/100 of the 'free' content that they get.

tinybigman3055d ago

mine is the only one that matters and PS+ made sense for me so i bought it.

tinybigman3055d ago

i can't have my own opinion. some people are just plain stupid.

klado3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Come is TOO cheap to be denied a tittle of a good service!!!

25 for qore...and 25 for free content, free games, early access content, plus features, discount, so more coming, forget qore for a minute, 25 dollars for all that... fail? bunch of stupid journals...sshhhhhs, haters gonna hate.

gamerzBEreal173055d ago

wrong theres only 1 reson not to pay $50 to get lots of decent games...YOU ARE A IDIOT lol jk maybe its not for u guys but who dosen't want new free stuff to look forward threw the years?

starvinbull3055d ago

Because I am now a PSN+ member I will spend a shedload less on games.

I own about 90 pieces of paid for digital content yet in future what is given away for free will half the time be things I would have bought anyway so as a consequence I will either get more content for the same money or I'll simply have more money.

If you subscribe to PSN+ you won't be blown away instantly but what you will have month in month out is representative spread of all that is on the PSN.

A lot of people are aware of how brilliant flower is but wouldn't buy it because it doesn't look like their kind of game or it's more than they'd wish to pay for it. If you are a subscriber games like flower will either be given to you or discounted.
Sony will give you what they believe represents the best of the PSN which is no bad thing and they'll be able to do that because you will effectively be paying for everything they give you at a discounted rate.

If you were unconvinced by a game like flower it may take a price cut of perhaps 90-95% to get you to buy it, on PSN+ you will have effectively payed for maybe 60-80% of the full price whether you play it or not.

This is what Sony are trying to do with PSN+ and the people who will benefit most will be the unconvnced PS3 owners who aren't sold on a game like Shatter, or Pixel Junk or even Flower. Comparing it to XBL is silly.

avengers19783055d ago

Best thing about PSN+ is it is an option, you don't have to buy it, and you still get to enjoy everything that the PSN offered before for free.
I'm a + member along with about 15% of my friends list, and to me the discounts and free stuff was enough, but early access, beta access, and exclusive demos are also great. If they added a free movie rental once a month that would make me lose my mind. Does anyone know about the token challenge thing, seems interesting but I don't think it's avalible yet.

Eddie201013054d ago

Reasons Not To Buy PlayStation Network Plus......Blah, Blah, Blah.

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Hyrius3055d ago

Playing online is free.


TheLeprachaun3055d ago

I think PSN is great, but I see no reason in getting PSN+. It really isn't my type of thing.