From Ancient Temples to Ice Caves: Discovering Uncharted

From the article: "I played Uncharted 1 & 2 in the span of a week. It may have been the shortest amount of time I’ve taken to play two games and it’s because I never wanted to leave. This was surprising, even to me, because I arrived at the games with very low expectations.

My low expectations were tempered by my dislike of the Tomb Raider series. The original Tomb Raiders failed to capture my interest due to the clumsy, and frustrating control scheme, and the latter entries seemed a little too adolescent in terms of story and character design for me to really get into.

I was expecting Uncharted to be like Lara Croft with a male protagonist.

It wasn’t."

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StillGray3080d ago

(Writer here.) My favorite section in Uncharted 2 was the temple with the giant statue of the Buddha and the subsequent treasure room. It was easily one of my best gaming experiences with puzzles.

halocursed3080d ago

Uncharted II was one of the best games I ever played. It just looked and played well.

rockleex3080d ago

You really dissected Nathan Drake right there.

Elimin83080d ago

Let me tell you what it was trying to say..."GET UNCHARTED 1 & 2".

What are you waiting for? GET....

My 2 Cents...

Spenok3079d ago

I agree, if it wasnt the best game ive ever played, then its up there with MGS4.

mrv3213080d ago

I even enjoyed the stealth mission.

BldyShdw3080d ago

Yeah, I totally wasn't expecting something like that.

NecrumSlavery3080d ago

"there's a guy above you, there's a guy above you"

"there's a guy below you, there's a guy below you"

gameseveryday3080d ago

my favourite was the one with that Nepalese guy. The jumps were simple spine chilling!

Redempteur3080d ago

that must have been a very good week ..we keep telling you uncharted 2 is amazing since december 2007..

Quagmire3080d ago

uncharted 2 came out last year though...

Redempteur3079d ago

sorry about that ..i was thinking about 1 but by force of habit i put a 2 besides the name uncharted ..

for me the best co op online game ATM

kneon3080d ago

The Locomotion + Tunnel vision is my favorite level. I know that's 2 but really it's more like one level, I go back often and replay it. I love how the train actually sways and moves like a real train. Most every other train in video games seems to run on a dead level, straight and smooth track. I remember yelling out "how the hell am I supposed to take out a helicopter", just before Drake says the same thing. That sort of thing happened to me a lot in this game, you really do feel you are in Drake shoes.

My second choice is probably the monastery.

MysticStrummer3080d ago

You must not like puzzles then, because they are pretty much nonexistent in the Uncharted games. I love the Uncharted series but the puzzles are lacking to say the least.

despair3080d ago

really? cause there were some very intriguing puzzles, not very hard but very well thought out.

badz1493079d ago

the puzzles are not very hard and very well thought but to be honest, lacking! I'm a huge fan of the series and still i thought the puzzles could be better. - by better I mean longer and story driven! solving puzzles are almost always focused to only one space in the game and what u need to do is follow the guide and press triangle. I think if only they required Drake to find certain things things throughout the level to solve the puzzle in the end on that particular level he's in, that would be much better. this will cause some backtracking (if player missed the key item) and exploration to add to the already awesome game!

infamous-butcher3080d ago

I'm just wondering why it took you so long to play these phenomenal games?

jerethdagryphon3080d ago

sorry the tutorial part was my favorite :)

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Keltik823080d ago

Was so well done. It reminded me of one of those blockbuster movies you watch where crap just keeps happening at the right moments nothing is forced it's just so well done! The story is perfectly done also imo, nothing is rushed or forced not to mention it's really funny.

The train part sticks with me a lot for some reason.

Baltis3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I'm kinda burned out on Uncharted 2. I beat the 1st one (the best one in my opinion) countless times. I mean, I played it until my damn fingers bleed. The 2nd one, I'm trudging through it for my second time as we speak and finding it boring and nearly impossible to make it through it. Not because it's hard, just because it lacks the punch and isolation of the first one. Lacks character and story. I think, in all honesty, the 1st one is much better. Part 2 has some moments. The truck convoy and train are two of my favorites but the reuse of "hey give me a boost while I grab a suspended ladder" is just stupid. The story lacks and drags in the middle all the way to the end. It's just not as good. Sorry. I also found the 1st 3 missions unbearable. I loved the stealth one but it really drug before you got to the fountain.

Also, (spoilers)

The Yeti should've been real. To make them human was stupid given the feats these things were pulling off. And the blue guys, lame. It almost seemed like that whole last area was thrown together. It looked graphically inferior to the rest of the game. Bland textures with blues and browns??? What were the thinking?

Uncharted deserved the praise the 2nd one got if you ask me.

ThatCanadianGuy3080d ago

Uncharted 2 "Lacks character and story." That's where i stopped reading.
I mean, yeah sure everybody is entitled to their own opinion but to say that is just ridiculous.

Baltis3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

But not really. A lot of the tricks we see in Uncharted 2 were used in part 1. They just twist and reworked them a bit. Uncharted was the better game, man. It didn't rely on some tacked on multiplayer either. It was genuinely good. It had a path and it followed it dot for dot. I loved the 1st because it played out as if it all took place so fast. Like the events were happening so fast the Government couldn't get involved yet. The 2nd one seemed highly implausible.

Liked it. Just found it more boring and not as thrilling or cohesive. My opinion. Another thing about the (suspended ladder bits in part 2)

They even had them masked while in the mountain ice cave. How stupid is that? Hey, give me a boost while I grab this rope ladder. or Hey, boost me up here so you can kick this crate down to me.

It's stupid and lazy plot pacing.

seij5553080d ago

I completely agree with you, I loved Uncharted 1 so much better. It had more of a sense of adventure instead of quick mission like things and the story was so much cooler. I love both games though but U1 will always be on top for me.

MysticStrummer3080d ago

Wow. Well it's your opinion and that's cool, but I don't see how anyone could say Uncharted 2 wasn't the superior of the two games in every way. I love them both though.

Inside_out3080d ago

@Baltis...It's impossible for me to play the game again on any level as well. Saying so will burn your bubbles away quick on N4G. I would suggest you refrain from such logic on threads like this unless you want to lose some and probably all your't worry, the mods will put you down as trolling for disagreeing.

UC 2 didn't deserve all the awards. It's sad that the MEDIA thought so. The gamers didn't buy it and bought Mw2 instead. They made MW2 the peoples champion ON CONSOLES everywhere. 20 million vs 3 million for closed.

Indiana Drake and the lost cause was the most unoriginal game made. Completely stole every aspect of the game from story ( Indiana Jones ), platforming ( prince of Persia ), gun play and cover system ( Gears )...everything. ND hired the guru behind the platforming juggernaut Tomb Raider right after the release of UC2 because they obviously needed the help. The graphics are cartoony and the game is at least 75% pre-rendered, something the devs discuss in the special features and are actually quite proud of. The fanboys can't see the

jerethdagryphon3080d ago

i think your mistaking differed rendering with pre rendering

StillGray3080d ago

Tenzin: scaling mountains, like a BOSS!

Hacker3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Does anyone still playing Uncharted 2 multi-player because last time i tried it said no MATCH FOUND lol........whats going on guys is psn that bad.

My psn i.d is

iHackedyourMUM look for me.

seij5553080d ago

Wow dude, there is on average at least 20,000 people playing. You are obviously a troll who does not have a PS3.

fooltheman3080d ago

sometimes I have problem finding people too ^^
but that was at noon...

fooltheman3080d ago

hmm SO I get disagree's for having trouble at noon, to find people ^^
I need to try it more at evenings....
because I love the multiplayer.... (though need to play the single player for the second time ^^)

mantisimo3080d ago

Never a problem and loads of players on line, average 50,000 on my servers.(UK)

fooltheman3080d ago

well I'll try it again, when I tried it was still school and such

MysticStrummer3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Too bad I saw a post by you today that said you have no PS3 and never will, not that I needed you to say that to know it was the case. Trolls are never very intelligent but you make some of them seem brilliant.

Obama3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Your mom is so fat that she couldn't go out and buy you a copy of Uncharted 2. T_T

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