Why Kaufmann Is The Best Silent Hill Character

HellDescent takes a humorous look at why Dr. Michael Kaufmann, specifically his Silent Hill 1 portrayal, is the best character of the series.

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troll3079d ago

OMG, I never even thought of this! Kaufmann really is one true badass!

mantisimo3079d ago

Because Pyramid head is the best Silent Hill character, full stop.

And I must say I have to disagree with this quote,

"If you haven’t yet played the game I suggest you purchase it over PSN on a Playstation 3, find a second hand copy, or at the very least download a PS1 emulator and find the iso somewhere (it’s out of print and only like $5 on PSN so no harm done in my eyes.) Seriously, it’s been eleven years".

Buy it on PSN by all means but to advocate the last option? With this attitude there's no wonder games companies are finding ways to protect their property more.

BrainSquid3079d ago

Buying a second hand copy of the game doesn't do anything for the developers or publishers, and that was the only way to get the game until recently as it had been out of print for years. And, to my knowledge, the game isn't offered in all regions over PSN. If Konami really cared at this point, it would have been properly re-released before the PSN version.

mantisimo3079d ago

Konami will obviously care, there will be a reason why its not released here in Pal territories yet (probably publisher issues) or maybe a SH rerelease in Hd like the God of war collection.

Who knows the reason except for Konami, but this does not give you or anyone the right to just steal it.

Arsenic133079d ago

Crap. This is our first community post. I did not notice that part of the post. It has been removed. This game is worth buying 100%

BrainSquid3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Weird, it won't let me reply to your reply. Oh well.

Konami obviously hasn't cared and still doesn't seem to. They've never put a stop to the CSTs floating around and being hosted. There is a PC formatted freeware version of SH1 that, to my knowledge, was never taken down by Konami. I'm highly doubting SH1 will ever see an HD re-release like GoW. When it gets to the point where the only way to get a physical copy of the game is buying a second hand copy, that supports the developer and publishers just as much as stealing it. In this case, stealing seems too harsh of a word.

Of course, if somebody were to suggest taking an iso of a game still in print, available in all regions, and is easy to find, that is indeed a poor attitude. That is what companies are trying to combat; not the downloading of (it isn't piracy until it's sold) out of print games that you can only get over download in certain territories for a measly $5.

mantisimo3079d ago

stealing however you flower the reasoning behind it.

You purport to love the Silent Hill series Johnathon and yet here you are openly encouraging the illegal downloading of it.

I have e-mailed Konami and will await their reply to see if indeed they care or not and will post back for you any forthcoming reply.

If they don't reply well then I guess you are right.

I should save your last bubble now for when I post back.

BrainSquid3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

You must have a huge stick up your ass with nothing better to do. Of course a Konami agent will say they discourage any kind of 'illegal' downloading. It's what a typical agent you will end up receiving an email from is trained to say and will respond with. I can tell you, working for an ISP, that they don't give a shit about copyrights and only send out DCMA letters because a government agency forces us. Even though the company doesn't care, I was trained to say the same thing the Konami rep will tell you but it doesn't necessarily mean they or the company believes it. Konami has shown no interest in protecting this particular game. They've shown no interest in making it more widely available than it already was. Despite whatever email you get, they really don't care that much when it's an eleven year old game that they've already almost completely exhausted the revenue it could generate. As far as Konami is concerned, what they make over PSN on this game is just icing on the cake and it is not harming them in any way at this point if somebody downloads a copy of the game. They would care about the IP if someone were stealing a new game relevant to their interests or if someone to make an unofficial Silent Hill game for profit. Then I would completely understand your stance but this has nothing to do with that.

It would also help if you paid attention, I wasn't encouraging stealing a copy; if you'll re-read, I mentioned that as a last resort. Use your context clues, the phrase "at the very least" suggests that I would rather somebody actually pay for the game but to use that if there is no other option. I do love the series, which is why I own a physical copy and would love for everyone to experience it, and in an instance where a person has no means to obtain a copy, I would find this acceptable as it is only the publisher's fault that the game is not readily available in all markets as of the date of this post.

Please, by all means, show us how petty you are by emailing Konami and replying to this with the generic "please do not steal any IP" message we all know you're going to get.

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mirroredderorrim3079d ago

I want SH1-3 in HD for 30-40 bucks. I would snatch it up so quick.