MGS4 Reviewed 2 Years Later

Gamesthirst writes:

"I think if you own a PS3, and there are about 37 million units globally, you must own Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots. If you don’t, you’re truly missing out on the biggest, most epic title to ever land on any console. Kojima Productions proved once again why they’re the most reveared in the gaming industry, and I suspect the tradition of perfection will continue with MGS: Rising and that “Taboo” project.

Now, you could buy the game through here for dirt cheap, but remember, what you’re getting is high on the scale, the best of the best. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots is my game of the decade."

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Cloudberry2594d ago

The title is *SPOILERS*???

Joule2594d ago

4 years?! It came out in 2008.

Spydiggity2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

also, good timing on the article cuz i just decided to play through it again last night. Only made it through the first act so far though.

definitely a very entertaining game...but i think 10/10 is a li'l generous. I will say that it has some of the best production values of any game i've ever played.

don't agree with this part at all though: "Literally, I cried when Naomi died." I was yelling at the TV for that bitch to die already. Otacon too during that scene. That was so drawn out and annoying. Which is actually that games biggest flaw. everything is so bloated and over-dramatic. and how many main characters need to tell you the same story about the nano machines and the development of the war economy...
minor complaint..but still quite accurate.

Conloles2594d ago

10/10? Those graphics were good for the time but are by no means as good as pointed out in the review when compared to newer PS3 titles.

UltraNova2593d ago

Definitly agree with the guy.It is my game of the decade as well, if not all time.

As for reviewing a game 2 years after it got released you need to compare it with games at its time if you want to be fair.

Now the next game that could be compared with just got released. I m talking about SC conviction.

For me MGS4 undeniably deserves 10/10, for its flawless game-play, the most sophisticated story/plot ever seen in a game and perhaps a movie, by far the most advanced visuals at its time of course and last but not least that constant epic-ness factor that only 0.0001% of games have to this day. I own around 80 games on the PS3 and owned 25 on the 360, and I can tell you no game can even hope to hold a candle against MGS4.

PoSTedUP2593d ago

i mean cmon, they took brain scans of Mr. Kojimas brain after he created mgs4..... the game was THAT good. by far the deepest game with the deepest story i ever experienced in my LIFE. like mgs4's story is deeper then my life's story LOL.

yall are making me want to play again

Commander_TK2593d ago

And no game will ever match the perfection of MGS4 aka the best game of all time

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DelbertGrady2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Another quality submission from Gamesthirst.

*edit* He still got it wrong lol!! We're in 2010, not 2011.

cobraagent2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

the game was released in 2008 The title says 2 years later. What's the problem?

No Way2594d ago

The problem is, you're posting 4 hours after Soda.
Obviously this article was edited between then, and now.

Cloudberry2594d ago

The title's already edited the *SPOILERS* part.

Blacktric2594d ago

I just loled when I see the title. I mean WTF?

UnSelf2594d ago

the game is actually very good. Prolly top 2

but its far from being the best game ever.

*pokes chest out and laughs dramatically at disagree bullets*

Crackdown is #1. no im not being sarcastic

ZeroBlitz2594d ago

First off, it's hilarious that you could actually rate Crackdown above MGS4 but whatever, it's your opinion so I'm not going to say anything else regarding that.

Second, 'prolly top 2' / 'far from being the best game ever' so there's a massive difference between 1st and 2nd place...?

SKUD2594d ago

Battletoads > Crackdown

Elvfam5112594d ago

Battletoads = hard as hell

UnSelf2594d ago

lmao @ responses.

nah 2 isnt far from 1, but theres a reason why 2 is 2 and 1 is 1.

i absolutely loved MGS4 and MGS2, 3 and 1 was cool too.

but almost no game in existence comes close to Crackdowns sheer fun.

Thats the only game where i created my own storyline and it fits so fkin wonderfully

Timesplitter142594d ago

I don't even... what?

First of all you say it's in your TOP 2 and then you say it's FAR from being the best game ever? How does that make any sense?

And then... Crackdown?

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Darkstorn2594d ago

MGS4 - best game this gen (so far...)

I'm playing through it again on Big Boss Extreme. Just began Act 4 last night.

blodulv2594d ago

Are you trying to go through it with the perfect completion? You know, not being detected once, not killing anyone etc...

I'm going to give it a shot here pretty soon but I'll definitely need the strategy guide to be able to pull this off I think.

Man In Black2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

And holy shit, the bike chase was fucking hard, having to use mainly smoke grenades and the V-Ring shotgun, all the while hoping I wouldn't get hit by a stray bullet. Talk about trial and error. Still, at least they got rid of the bullshit regulation from previous games, where you had to save under 25 times to get the best rank.

Getting the chicken emblem was a bit of a pain aswell, mainly due to the fact that you need over 30 hours completion time. Found myself leaving the console on overnight, with Snake lying on the ground :P

Also, getting the necessary amount of game overs was unintentionally hilarious. Just jump out of a window when you start the boss fight in Act 3.

Darkstorn2594d ago

I considered it for a while, but decided not to. That level of insanity is a bit too much for me, honestly...

morganfell2594d ago

The issue with getting the Emblem is no continues. One screw up and you are back to starting the game again. Of course it also is really trying when you get to the final act and start trying to avoid detection by Haven Troopers. Toughest thing I have ever been through in a game. I have Platinum Trophies that were easier.

Of course all of that and a time limit to boot. Son of a....

Scrooge2594d ago

I haven't played any MGS games cince the first one. Will I be lost if I pick this game up?

Kos-Mos2593d ago

@ Scrooge

No you won`t. You`ll love it.

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kingdavid2594d ago

I enjoyed the game, in fact its one of my favourite games this gen.

But its so full of crap, its ridiculous. One of the most retarded stories going around along with ninja Gaiden.

TEFL0N_D0N_812594d ago

I agree with you there. But my favorites for PS3 this gen so far is Uncharted 1 & 2. As for the story in MGS series, honestly that shit lost me a while back. The whole octagon and clones of clones and big mama and all that weird bullshit. It was like some shitty soap opera. However, the game play and graphics were always bad ass.

Kos-Mos2593d ago

Kids, I mean you sound like kids.
If you can`t follow or understand a deep story, you should stick to less story/adult driven games like unchartered, gears, cod, god of war.
This game is also made by Japanese so you should know there are some differences between deep adult stories and hollywood action stories.

I`m getting sick of people that says story is awful when they don`t understand it.

edhe2593d ago

Just because you like the story doesn't mean it's good.

It's a crock of weird, don't have to like it.

kingdavid2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Yeah just what I was expecting. Poor argument Kos Mos assuming that we are "kids".

I understood it well enough,it's really not that hard but the incoherent rambling is just completely unnecessary. You are going to tell me that you fully understood WTF Big Boss was saying to Old Snake the whole time at the end? You could not have sat there the whole time thinking "Oh that makes perfect sense" with every phrase he said. The story is just all over the place and poorly told. Because a story can emit a little bit of emotion (such as the ending and naomi dying), that means the overall story is good does it?

The fact that the game was made for Japanese has little relevance to what I feel about it. Why should I take that into consideration and give it a free pass just because its Japanese?

Heavy Rain is a great example of a story done right. Pacing, level of interest and easy to understand. And those devs are French FFS.

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Kain812594d ago

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