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Valay2933d ago

Figures that Pokemon Sunday teased the new Pokemon and then CoroCoro fully revealed it.

gameseveryday2933d ago

So when is this coming out in the US?

Valay2933d ago

Sometime next year. For Japan it's September.

LtSkittles2933d ago

Probably March 2011, only because that's when HG&SS came out, and they were released in Japan in September 2009.

silkrevolver2933d ago

...these new pokemon are growing on me. I hated them at first, and I still don’t really like the starters... but I really like that big bird on these scans... I hope it’s the 3rd evolution of the baby bird.

richierich2933d ago

Are Nintendo running out of names for the Pokemon games?

Sigh2933d ago

wow these new pokemon I'll admit are looking better than the ones in diamond/pearl & ruby/sapphire. Especially how the trainers look. Can't wait.

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