Blacklight: Tango Down Review… Just another FPS [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester writes:

"These days, it’s not really enough to be just another First Person Shooter. FPS games need to have a genuine spark of quality, originality or just a fun gimmick to flourish in the glutted marketplace. Enter Blacklight: Tango Down… which is just another online shooter with a single unique selling point.

It’s cheap."

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DelbertGrady2931d ago

Tried the trial demo on XBLA and gave up after only 5 minutes. What a mess.

MysticStrummer2931d ago

Just another FPS...? No way. I disagree that it's not enough to be just another FPS though. The most played FPSs this gen are all the same to me. That must mean this game reeeaaally blows.