Call Of Duty 4: Developers answer your questions

Developers on the COD4 game have gone through their mass emails and happily answered some questions on the game and themselves. Full Interview in link below.

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Bolts3948d ago

What a total waste of time! I can't believe out of all the fan mails out there this smacktard decided to address the most moronic questions of the bunch. Whats your favorite food? Is it hard to make games? How about some real freaking substance like will this game run in 1080p at 60fps on a PS3!?


ASSASSYN 36o3948d ago

Why aren't these questions posted from the original source What are you doing promoting your website?

vitord13948d ago

why post this on this website?
lame new...

Crazyglues3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

I mean seriously why didn't anyone ask any one of the million and one questions I'm sure people would really want to know?

Does it play the same on PS3 as it does on Xbox 360, was it harder to get the game to run on the PS3?

Will the game be playing at 30 or 60fps and will it Play at 720 or 1080p?

Will either version be getting extra content in the form of a future download? Maps, extra ranks, guns and will this content be free or do you plan to charge for it?

Will there be any personal character design like in Rainbow Six: Vegas? Does Call Of Duty 4 support camera?

Has their been any thing added to the game to use the PS3's sixaxis controller? And even though rumble controllers have not come out yet for the PS3 will COD4 support this feature on the PS3?

Why has there been no demo of the PS3 version?

How close is the game to completion?

Are you planing on releasing special accessories like an Xbox 360 face plate with the release of the game?

I mean any of these would have been helpful to know for the fans of the game like myself? I seriously don't know what the hell the people asking those other questions where thinking.

tony3948d ago

really bad questions. why they didn't ask better questions like... is it going to be blood in the characters once get shot? or when the beta is coming out? is too expensive to develop for the ps3? etc...

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