LEGO Call of Duty Incoming?

We all know and love LEGO. We have LEGO Star Wars, we even have LEGO Harry Potter, so what about some hugely successful gaming franchises, Call of Duty for example...

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gravemaker3079d ago

no it is not coming. There will be no lego games based on mature brands. It's company rule

Drjft3079d ago

Something we addressed in the article :)

NecrumSlavery3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The next Lego game should be Lego Back to the Future and anyone who disagrees is a fanboy bubble down personal attack!

But first Tt and WB Games needs to patch the game breaking Dragon Room of Doom glitch that is plagueing Lego Harry Potter, causing the game to be nearly unplayable, and stops you from getting about 40-70% of your achievements and trophies

rakunado3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

LEGO back to the future! OMG I Can't believe you went there!


That would be awesome... going around on lego hoverboards, by a lego clocktower, avoiding lego biff and his gang, and a lego flux capacitor and on and on... roflmao awesomeness right there!

pity most of the young gamers this day wouldn't even know what Back to the Future is! :(

Inside_out3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I agree that lego's are children friendly and any mature title would NOT mke it onto a lego game...still...a children friendly combat game would be alot of fun. Nerf makes a fortune on it's line of Nerf weapons. Laser tag and paintball are popular. listen, anyone with a son will tell you...Boys are born with that hunter competitive edge ingrained in there gene's. They love big trucks and any kind of machinery, things that explode and go bang. Cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers...Darth Vader ( good ) and Jedi knights ( good )...and they like the baddies because they have the best weapons/vehicles.

It could be done in the right way...look at Lego: Star Wars.

BTW...the makers of that lego vid should make a game. For those who have not played it...FPS Black from Criterion games is 8 hrs of that kind of cover system. Backwards compatible on 360, check it out. Best FPS ever made!!!

White-Sharingan3079d ago

@NecrumSlavery- damn, I never thought about that...that would be AMAZING!

DA_SHREDDER3079d ago

I dont know about the real lego COD, but I would buy this day one.

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bfenty3079d ago

OK... so i doubt this happens. But that doesn't mean I don't want it!

ranmafandude3079d ago

it can see it right now. activision would have a ball with this if it happens lol. lego tony hawk, lego spider man, lego call of duty: modern warfare 5.

RockmanII73079d ago

Lego Spider-Man would probably be the best idea but Lego Tony Hawk could also work well. I'm waiting for a Lego version of LBP honestly.

bjornbear3079d ago

COD is a dying franchise in terms of creativity and innovation...but thats what people love apparently *smh*

ActionBastard3079d ago

137 words, 1 header image and a copy/paste vid? Just fucking link to the tweet.

Drjft3079d ago

Sorry, we like to things properly. And we can't win with N4G. If it was just a link it would be spam, if it was just a video it would be "LAWL EMBED THE VIDEO".

Then we do a proper post and it's a problem.

ActionBastard3079d ago

All I'm saying is camouflage the laziness better.

Drjft3079d ago

I fail to see how it is laziness? Would you prefer a 4,000 word essay about the history of LEGO? It delivers the message.

3079d ago
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