Capcom asks: Where do you want to play Mega Man?

It's a known fact that Capcom is not giving up on the Mega Man series. Twenty years and more than five recreations later the Mega Man series is still a cash cow. In the last console cycle the Blue Bomber mainly appeared on the Game Boy Advance (MMZ and Mega Man EXE series) and Playstation 2 (Mega Man X series) with an occasional Gamecube game (Rockman EXE Transmission and I still can't believe I own it) thrown in the mix. This time around Capcom is polling fans to see where they want to see the next Mega Man game and as of now it looks like nobody wants to play Mega Man on the PC.

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Phantom_Lee3881d ago

let me guess...DS is wining?

ASSASSYN 36o3881d ago

Maybe, the DS is WINNING in the polls.

cloud3603881d ago

well not an xbox console. it doesnt meet the tradition. bleh..

eitgher wii,DS, or ps3

Auron3881d ago

i hate people like you. why should Xbox not get a megaman game? would be perfect for the arcade I can tell you that

Salvadore3881d ago

I could see this game on PS3 & 360 as downloadable game.

binard3283881d ago

Downloadable MegaMan games would be great. I'd so hop on MegaMan 2. But, I'm sure they're talking about new games. If they wanted to make the next one side scrolling, they could offer is on PSN, XBLA, or Virtual Console.

3881d ago
solidt123881d ago

I would like to see it on the Wii in First or third person using the Wiimote as your gun. Kinda like Metroid.

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