EVO 2010 Prize Stolen

We know that every so often there are events held on throughout the year, This time around its the turn of the EVO Championships 2010.
You will see the familiar faces of Diago, Justin Wong and many other gamers contending, but it doesn't stop there female gamers step forward to compete with each other as well, such as Choko, and many others.
While perusing on Twitter... I had picked up a tweet from Capcom-Unity announcing:

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Blacktric2899d ago

You never leave a price like that amongst all those fighting game nerds. They can't even look out for themselves let alone a prize.

evrfighter2899d ago

guess it's going in some shady collectors collection.

there's no way this person would be stupid enough to put it up on ebay or craigslist...

then again I probably wouldn't be surprised.

Theonik2899d ago

This i remember on another tournament Capcom got all the footage they were collecting for a montage they were making for the fans stolen.(SSF4 was the game) Fucked up indeed.

ClownBelt2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

My new stick will surely help me beat a lot of scrubs online.

DeleteThisxx2899d ago

I'm sorry, if I had the opportunity to steal a golden(?) fight stick I would. They should have better security measures to prevent this kind of thing, morons.

I hope whoever has it enjoys it. Definitely wasn't easy for them.

KwietStorm2899d ago

You're a dickhead. Plain and simple.

DeleteThisxx2898d ago

Welcome to reality, asshole. The world isn't a pretty place,get used to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.