Google Secretly Invests $100-200 Million In Zynga To Prepare Google Games?

This deal happened and closed about a month ago, with a larger partnership still being worked out. Google didn't bother to make this deal publicly, and they didn't even go through their usual channels of dealing through Google Ventures. TechCrunch reports that Zynga would become the most pivotal part of "Google Games", a social gaming center that would launch later this year, with Google Checkout replacing PayPal as the primary payment option for Zynga's games.

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Conloles2656d ago


FrankDaTank2656d ago

i can see it now. google working on next call of duty.

KingNintendoFanboy2655d ago

I don't ever want to see that.

Matronedea2656d ago

Well, since my mom's completely addicted to all -ville games, this is relevant to my interests.

I'll let her know :D

FrankDaTank2656d ago

i can tell her for you. she's right next to me.

Shang-Long2656d ago

my sister is into some of these games. i tried them. and i just dont have the attention and care in the world for any (x)-ville game

CrzyFooL2656d ago

I agree with Matronedea's picture . . . if that rlly is her :-p

TrevorPhillips2656d ago

Yea and a new Battlefield: Google Company :P

Sandwich Bender2656d ago

Oh no! My love for Google is clashing with my hatred for Zynga!

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The story is too old to be commented.