Top Five modern console co-op games

Will Halo 3's co-op mode recently confirmed, Army of Two around the corner and online console multiplayer more popular than ever, co-op gaming is flourishing. So out of the recent releases, what are the top 5 co-op gaming experiences for consoles today?

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SmokeyMcBear3786d ago

hmmm i guess the title should read top 5 xbox 360 co-op games..

Best co-op game ever made??? Why Contra of course

REbirth3786d ago

thats what i was going to say:P

PlayStation3603786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Contra was a B!tch without your homie backing you up.

PlayStation3603786d ago

Sorry bro, I should have worded my comment better. My apologize. Ummm....Contra's Awesome! :))

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xhi43786d ago

Too, and way too much biased here. Seeing it's a 360 site, it is only showing 360 games. People, please report this. How did this get onto the front page? Should be at least be edited and read "Top 5 Xbox 360 Co-op Games".

Please change this, or everyone please report this, it is extremely biased and misleading information.

Ugly American3786d ago

While Contra was the best coop title of all times, the title says MODERN coop. That would not be Contra. And looking at the list, there is only one 360 exclusive game: Gears of War. Which, by the way, really is the definitive coop experience right now. The ability to join a game in progress without ever stopping the game is ridiculously good.
Rainbox Six, Splinter Cell, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and the LEGO Star Wars Trilogy are all multi-platform. R6 Vegas's coop is addictively fun, of course, I bought the 360 version over the PS3 version for the achievments and the solidness of Xbox Live. The same thing can be said about Splinter Cell.
So I need somebody to explain to me how this list is COMPLETELY Xbox specific...

xhi43786d ago

they have only xbox multi plat and xbox 360 eclusives. Resistance: Fall of was great. If this same article was on a website that did not have the name '' then I would not have minded as it is indipendant with no bias, but here, with the site being the site it is, the bias is just extremely clear. The Heading of the site also is "xbox360: Top Five Console".

PlayStation3603786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I do agree with you, it does say MODERN co-op, however Smokey specifically said "Best co-op game...EVER MADE." So no one is saying contra should have been included in this list. He was just adding his opinion to a completely different list. No harm in that bro. :)

Ugly American3785d ago

Sorry if I came across as not agreeing with the Contra thing. I do think Contra is one of the best coop games ever... I think I got my "THEY'RE almost ALL multiplatform" message mixed with my "I love Contra, but we are talking modern" message. My bad...

PlayStation3603785d ago

no biggie. I got what you were saying, I just wanted to make sure everyone here understood what Smokey said was not intended to mean something else. We're all brothers here.

What the heck, bubble+ for you buddy. :)

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crazyman3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

What, no crackdown?

That game was great on co-op and the recent updates made it even better.

the_gaming_guy3786d ago

I expected to see Crackdown! I can't get enough of playing that with my mates online. I nearly PMSL sometimes.

FadeToBlack3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Its the top 5 MODERN consol coop games. And GRAW 2 shoulde definatly make this list if a lego star wars game did.

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