Top 5 Unrealistic Things In Games That Make Them Fun

Sanii Mandred: Everyone is always talking about how realism in games is awesome. This isn't always true because it is often the unrealistic things in games that make them the most fun. Here is the top 5 unrealistic things in games that make them fun.

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xino2904d ago

i don't get it!?

number 3 is sleeping and he said it's not fun but boring, so why the hell is it under top 5 unrealistic things that made games fun!???

player-12904d ago

Duh cause in real life you have to sleep. In games you don't. Sleeping IRL isn't fun which is why it makes games fun not having to do it.

Yardie2904d ago

Sleeping IS fun in real life, depending on the dream (dreaming about doing taxes is boring).

UnSelf2904d ago

lucid dreaming is the way to go

xino2904d ago

yes in real life you have to sleep, but what does sleeping in video game have to do with being unrealistic and fun!?

Cernunnos2904d ago

^It's fun because you don't have to sleep in games. Having to sleep in games would be boring. That was his point.

ThanatosDMC2904d ago

Red barrels should be on there. Also, i agree with double jump. Kratos by far has the weirdest double jump becuse he stretches his knees a bit more and he gets more height and air time.

SOAD2904d ago

Being able to regenerate health and being able to walk away from terrible collisions or explosions is something that's unrealistic yet fun.

If your character had to limp throughout the rest of the game because he was shot in the leg, that wouldn't be very fun.

Also, being able to fire large quantities of ammunition from a weapon is fun. In real life, if you fire a full clip of ammo from an AK-47, you will have to change the clip in 4 seconds. In games, you can fire for longer periods of time.

Also, game physics differ greatly from real world physics. Even the games that are purported to be very realistic do not follow real world physics rules to the T.

Spenok2904d ago

Yeah, just read what Soad said. He said it well.

tiamat52904d ago

Carrying a ton of weapons without worrying about weight and burden e.g. Resident Evil 4, Ratchet and Clank,RFOM. Who cares if it is unrealistic? I want my weapons to use when ever I want

mushroomwig2904d ago

Another funny example would be regeneration health.

OUCH I'm hurt, but in 5 seconds I'll be 100% again..damn I wish that was like real life. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.