This Is Why Insomniac Is The Best Game Developer In The Industry

Gaming, it’s grand. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to a lonely kid with no friends to hang with, and the guy with many friends to play with. Overtime, it’s become one of the biggest industries in entertainment, and with yearly gains and by-monthly innovations, things could only go up from here.

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T9X692657d ago

Maybe the best game developer to work for, but the best game developer in the industry? No. There is to many good developers to pick who is the best, I mean there is Bioware, Rockstar, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, etc.

PoSTedUP2657d ago

disagree. they DO have talent but they are no Michael Jordan. This Just In!: MJ now wears Naughty Dog's on his feet!

piroh2657d ago

they are not best but one of the best sure

Conloles2657d ago

Here come the 'they're not the best' becuase they're no longer Sony.....

piroh2657d ago

[email protected] they are still working on PlayStation exclusives

anyway, why are you so angry fanboy? what hurt you?

- Ghost of Sparta -2656d ago

Lol Insomniac. Yes they make quality games but when's the last time they made a game with a 90%+ average rating?

vickers5002656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )
close enough -

The majority of Insomniacs games are close to 90. But metacritic doesn't mean that much. Have you forgotten this ?
or this ?

or even this ?

Metacritic means very little, so deal with it.

rockleex2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

"It’s the best thing that has ever happened to a lonely kid with no friends to hang with, and the guy with many friends to play with."

Except for guys like Conloles who really aren't interested in gaming.

They're actually interested in their PC's specs, but they just PRETEND to be gamers so they can boast about how inferior closed consoles are.


Elimin82656d ago

Naughty Dog!!!!!!!!!

My 2cents...

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Shang-Long2657d ago

"This article, however, is not about the games these developers make, but rather, the way they treat their employees."

from the article

RockmanII72657d ago

I don't know what reaction I'll get for saying this, but I heard that Valve also treats their employees incredibly.

Chicken Chaser2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

From the article:

"This article, however, is not about the games these developers make, but rather, the way they treat their employees. You see, although your game might be the best in its class, although it might sell millions of units, although gamers may enjoy it to the core, it’s really nothing if you treat your employees like dirt. We’ve heard many stories concerning game development studios treating there people like slaves, but not much is heard on how good some workers have it at certain studios."

Yeah, folks don't read anymore. Nice read there, though.

kneon2657d ago

We need a modified version of RTFM just for N4G.

RTFA - Read The F***ing Article

Donny2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

quantic dreams havok, rockstar, sony, naughty dog, bioware, kojima, guirella games.

psycho3602657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

3D realms... NOBODY beats 3D Realms. Which other dev pays their employees for 10 years for doing nothing? Also treating them to countless parties with free flowing coke and hoes.

pixelsword2656d ago

@ piroh:

Because they aren't working on PC

DA_SHREDDER2656d ago

Wasn't Insomniac rated one of the best places to work in the world?

MNicholas2656d ago

Resistance 2 had some of the best water effects but the rest of the visuals were unimpressive. The reason wasn't technical but rather artistry.

Character models were dull, environments lacked atmosphere, etc...

Hopefully, they'll hire some good art direction to take advantage of their engine.

Spenok2656d ago

I agree, there not the best in the industry. One of the Greats? Sure, but not quite the best.

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Blaze9292657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

ehhhh... no, dunno about that. Very opinionated

Nike2657d ago

"Come on Sony fans! Give us hits! We need hits! Please!"

Lol. I don't even care about reporting GamesThirst stories any more. They're getting more hilariously lame than anything else. :D

cobraagent2657d ago

bother reporting them Articles from gamesthirst and gofanboy will always get approved either way

electrolemon2657d ago

Oh god, here we go with the flamebait. Superlatives never work out well.

Quagmire2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

It will be hurtful to not say they are one of the most brilliant studios in the last three generations, however to say they are the best is quite hard to define. Ive loved every single game theyve made, and will continue to love em exclusive or not.

I mean really, what defines "the best game developer"?

Games? Sales? FanBase? Exclusivity? Impact? Money? Size? Personal opinions? Legacy?

quite hard to define, but to me, they are my favourite developers (next to Naughty Dog) for making Spyro my most memorable childhood game.

kneon2657d ago

Did any of you read the article??? It's all about how they are the best developer to work for, it has nothing to do with anything you mentioned above.

Rashonality2656d ago

yeah blame us
we or at least I don't have the freakin time to read every freakin article posted on N4G specially if you see the mount of spam and troll articles posted by fanboys here
you may say why do you still read the comments if you don't have time to read the articles?
i'll reply cuz i want to laugh....
the ignorance in some posts here is laughable and a delight to superior mind like myself thank you very much

anyways the point is don't write misleading titles to tease us for hits
we don't give a fuck....we'll troll and make fun

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