Can Playstation MOVE you?

Playstation Insider:

"Well, I had a feeling that the Sony E3 press conference would cover Move and 3D quite a bit, but I wasn't sure just how much. The 3D stuff they are doing is definitely amazing, but I won't be buying a 3D display anytime soon, so its currently a bit of a moot point for me."

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Blaze9293050d ago

Depends what the final launch games and other games for this year are. Never been a SOCOM fan so don't care much for SOCOM 4. The Fight: Lights Out has me interested though.

Tony-A3050d ago

Meh, I still think The Fight needs work, but the games coming after launch have me more interested, like Sorcery, Heroes on the Move and Ape Escape. Resident Evil 5 was the thing that made me think about getting it in the first place, though.

Oh, and thinking about 3D mixed in with The Fight sounds awesome! I can imagine seeing the guy pop out of the screen and the controllers rumbling when you make contact with his face. Looks like a good mix and might be pretty intuitive if they make it work well.

Shang-Long3050d ago

your right fight does need work. what we saw was alpha stage anyways, if im not correct. but for me id like

time crise, sorcery,

Blacktric3049d ago

Resident Evil 5, Time Crisis, Sorcery, Heroes On The Move, Ape Escape, SOCOM 4... List goes on. And with these games, YES it moved me. Unlike an EyeToy ripoff that barely works.

RageAgainstTheMShine3049d ago

light saber accessory please

We will be getting the Move also for things beyond gaming.... like it serves as an emergency flashlight or signal light, a night lamp, a light saber or wand toy, a nice photography accessory,a make believe microphone, air drawing tool, so many uses....

PirosThe4th3049d ago

That star wars game would have worked perfectly with move...!!

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Rainstorm813049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Move has me interested in buying, but i still need some more convincing.

Yes, it has near 1:1 accuracy & the most hardcore support than any other motion platform, but my main question is longevity.

Sony has 1st party studios galore but how long will they (if all) support move? My biggest fear is buying move and enjoying it for a few months then no more games are released for it and its left for dead like the eyetoy or PS eye.

I have the PS eye and Eye of Judgement is all i have for it (and that was barely supported), i really dont want that to happen again.

The road is bright right now, but ive been optimistic before.

jneul3049d ago

they never released many good games with eyetoy, it was mainly casual games, which is why it got ol fast, plus lack of advertising, this will not happen with thhe move as it has hardcore games and advertising (coke-cola deal), don't forget word of mouth which is how most ps stuff sells as i only have to tell my friend who has a ps3 who will then pass the knowlege on to others.
ps move has so much potential i can even see graphic modellers wanting it as well.

tinybigman3049d ago

They showed that it works with core games, and it would be cool to have another option when playing the games that it will be implemented with.

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AridSpider3050d ago

No thanks - will stick to my Dual Shock 3. If I wanted to play this style of gaming I would've gotten a Wii a long time ago.

Baba19063049d ago

but you can have both. i mean just becouse i will get the move stuff, doesnt mean im only playing move games. thats the beauty of it. and playing heavy rain with move is a must for me.

jneul3049d ago

yeah but it's not like the wiimote its more precise and has augmented reality just go watch these and tell me your not impressed

ProA0073050d ago

Maybe eventually. As it is right now, no. Will see what changes closer to launch

lonix3049d ago

And I've already got an eyetoy

Dragun6193049d ago

Well, if you want a Wii HD like everyone has been speculating and calling for Nintendo to release, then PS3 + Move is your console.

AndersDK3049d ago

Well have the Wii for that, so atm MOVE is "only" Wii with HD games in my eyes.. The maybe is because its a "Wii" with HD games... One of the reasons I don't game much on my Wii, is the lack of good grafics.. So if the games will be good, then its a might be something i'll buy.
I acctually see the kinect as something new that I don't have, so it might be a buy before the MOVE.. But still none of them is a Day one buy for me.. Its a wait and see for me! :)

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