Justin Wong Eliminated from EVO 2010

Justin Wong gets eliminated from EVO 2010 in lackluster match against Taiwan's Killer Bee.


Video added, and yes he stung like a Killer Bee but his name is Gamer Bee - thanks for note guys.

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Brazil2932d ago

Poetic justice after all the trash Wong talked about Adon at the release of Super. Correct me if I'm wrong but the players name was GamerBee not Killer Bee. Does he go by Killer Bee normally?

ExplosionSauce2932d ago

I like Karin more than Adon just as much as he does, lol

jjohan352931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Wong trash talks everyone. The guy has always been an arrogant prick, making excuses about lag or character counterpicks whenever he loses. But ultimately he lost to two different players due to his Justin Bieber haircut.

Here's the video...

Projekt7tuning2931d ago

He just did the Wong move. Hehe. See what I did there. It may wong to do but I had too. I love Puns.

RockmanII72931d ago

I don't know who any of these people are, but every match I watched got my heart pounding. Definitely going to watch the finals.

jjohan352931d ago


Justin Wong is generally considered the #1 Street Fighter player in the US. He pretty much wins all his tournaments he participates here in the states. However he's never really taken the top spot on the global scale. He became famous within the fighting game community when he lost to Japan's top player (Daigo) in Evo 2004 (world tournament) in Vegas. You can watch the famous clip in this video, where Daigo made a dramatic comeback with the last pixel of life left. It was voted as the one of the greatest moments in competitive gaming.

Ever after that, Justin Wong was still the number 1 player in the states for many years but he was never able to beat Daigo. I think Capcom really profited from the rivalry between the two players, caused mostly by the fighting game community rather than by Daigo or Justin. So every year it always ends up with Daigo vs Justin in the grand finals, but Justin always loses, including last year's EVO.

Most players respect Daigo because he's calm, collected, and very respectful whether he's winning or losing (he sometimes drops to #2 within Japan's tournaments). Gamers in the fighting game community either love or hate Justin because he's a great player, considered the underdog, but at the same time arrogant and always making excuses for his losses.

A lot of people were surprised that Justin got knocked out before making it into the final 8 in the tournament because it's usually Daigo vs Justin in the grand finals.

Gamerbee, the guy who knocked Justin out in the other video I linked, is a great player from Taiwan who is relatively unknown on the international scale. What made this fight so great is because Gamerbee used a character named Adon (yellow small guy in the video), generally considered to be one of the weakest characters in Street Fighter 4 out of 35 characters. Justin Wong, the guy who lost in the video, was recorded a few months ago saying that Adon is the worst, is bad, and is ass. It's ironic that Justin got knocked out of the tournament by a relatively unknown Adon player.

Baka-akaB2931d ago

He also had a small army of drones always downplaying daigo for his use of Ryu , while justin would be the "hero" using something else ?

Give me a break we have rarely seen justin use something low tiers , last year he only added Balrog , a top tier character , to his already excellent Rufus .

Sure he isnt responsible for his fans' trash talks , but he is quite fond of doing the same as well .

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DW2931d ago

man i was so high when I posted that here at EVO ... you don't understand .. anyways thanks for reminding me ... I made the update to the post. LOL ... it did sting like a killer bee though ... LOL

Marceles2931d ago

eliminated from SSF4, but if he wasn't already, he pretty much cemented himself as the best MvsC2 player ever. He beat Sanford 6-1

deafwing2931d ago

they both use to practice at China Town fair, and I've felt my share of fury from them both ... Sanford has a different style than him and he gets upset too easily when things doesn't go his way. the justin playing that match is not the guy i know ... though the lost was solid, he wasn't playing like he usually does (but that's his fault and no one else).

Veneno2931d ago

DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!! I had to work all night so i wasn't abel to watch the live stream. I would have loved to watch that match. hopefully it goes up on youtube.

Quagmire2931d ago

'who' is elimnated from 'what'?

KingItachi2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Gamer Bee took it to him don't forget Vangeif sent him to losers.

Baka-akaB2931d ago

While i respect his skills that none of us can touch , i dont like the guy ... so can't say i was unhappy . So long wong!

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