New Infinity Ward Lawsuit Details

An amended complaint filed on Thursday by the Infinity Ward Employee Group has offered up new, alleged details from the ongoing legal battle between the studio and publisher Activision.

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Agent Smith2992d ago

The mistake was trusting that dude. Don't make deals with the devil.

evrfighter2992d ago

I'm glad IW crashed and burned. An example needed to set to development studios as to what happens when you deal with the devil.

rroded2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

they might quit...

wtf how do these people stay in buisness their just common tugs.

kotic isnt jus making out like a bandit he is one

ForeAllEternity2992d ago

It just shows how little understanding Activision has on loyalty and the simple concept of GIVE and take.

mrv3212992d ago

I hope Infinity Ward win.

matnum2992d ago

Me, I'm just glad that all the information being provided about this case is compleatly non bias, realy its nice to know all the facts even tho there just being provided buy IW im sure its balanced.

booni32992d ago

okay a trial date is set. i hope frank and co. eats activisions ass up in the court house. But the trial is so many months away...:(
just work somewhere else until the time comes. you all will win, you will, all of the employees share a corraborating story. all activision had to do was stop trying to get over on people and pay them but they just wouldnt(couldnt?) do it. this will teach the greedy bastard.

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