Media Create hardware totals for June (5/31 – 6/27)

Find out which system came out on top for the month of June in Japan.

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NecrumSlavery2749d ago

360 down 60%, but still pulled 25K. The 360S seems to hold a small ground for the month

GreenRingOfLife2749d ago

Compared to the US

US is the biggest market where consoles are competing and it is where MS is strongest and well ahead of the competition

ClownBelt2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I agree GreenRingOfLife. It's quite ironic that only one week of sales in small market of Japan can cover the lost of the PS3 for the entire month in the big USA. :p

Shang-Long2749d ago

Japan is only a "small" market for the 360.

HolyOrangeCows2749d ago

It's helped bring the PS3 over the 360 in hardware sales several times this year, not to mention the PS3 also has a bigger market in Europe.

gtsentry2749d ago

@greenringoflife..not that im goin at the ps3 but you sed that xbox is ahead of its competition in the us.the wii is dominating the xbox in the u.s. so i dont no wat ur talking about

CryofSilence2749d ago

How many accounts does Bungie have now? -.-

theKiller2749d ago

was there any new game release which hapanese love it? and if so why all hardware jumped??

mrv3212749d ago

'Japan never heard of it, look at our US sales aren't they good.'-Microsoft

In Japan the 360 competes with the PS2... that's right the PS2.

sikbeta2749d ago

Too Late! Seems like everyone POWNED GreenR...

Anyway, this is for any delusional fanboy like GreenR that believes Japan is "small"

PS3 – 73,380

x360 – 25,913

Seems like the "gap" will disappear in just a couple of months...

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jazzking20012749d ago

360 is third amongst the next gen consoles as expected lol

HolyOrangeCows2749d ago

CURRENT gen consoles, CURRENT gen.

Sick of hearing them called "next gen"
They're a part of the present generation. Not the "next" one.

snipermk02749d ago

More like last gen console, init? LOL..

SuperSaiyan42749d ago

Being 3rd and almost being 3rd are 2 different things, Microsoft are still 2nd and Sony ARE in 3rd. But who cares.

lonix2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

snake oil merchant in japan

Valay2749d ago

Man, the DS always sells a ton...Even after the 3DS is released, I'm sure the DS will sell well.

SprSynJn2749d ago

It's nice to see it sell well here. Unfortunate that it doesn't sell as well elsewhere.

Spenok2748d ago

I can only imagine how the 3DS will sell. Its going to be nuts.

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Kratos2152748d ago

Please tell me how the ps2 is doing 5k after 10 years? lol

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