Unofficial Halo Reach - Rise and Fall Trailer

This trailer was created by TheDuoGroup. (not official) **Before the planet Reach falls – You Shall Rise.** This trailer was suppose to capture the emotion of being a soldier on the ground and seeing hundreds of space craft roaring into the sky from all over the planet.

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aviator1892900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Even though it's just sort of a machinima with scenes taken from the E3 2010 trailer, it's pretty cool nonetheless. Now, if only Bungie can release a trailer that's powerful and stuffed with huge battles and emotional conflict unlike the dud of a trailer they released for E3 2010. Although the battles in the E3 2010 trailer were great, I felt that the way the trailer was put together with that stupid music in the background ruined it

Two Steps From Hell always has great music and TheDuoGroup's involvement doesn't hurt either.

Nitrowolf22900d ago

i like the live action commercial that they do for the Halo series.

GreenRingOfLife2900d ago

games don't get any better than this

RockmanII72899d ago

speaking of commercials, I hope Bungie/MS/whoever does another Believe commercial. I love the one for Halo 3

MaxXAttaxX2900d ago

of the Halo series :P

(speaking in terms of awesomeness and quality, not sales)

SOAD2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I feel that Halo games have been getting better.

I played CE and thought it was kind of weak compared to Halo 2. Halo 2's campaign was very heavy on variety. The environments shifted from a space station battle to New Mombasa to a Covenant Gas Orbital Station, to Delta Halo to High Charity, and so on. And I got to play as the Arbitar and learned much more about the Covenant.

To me, Halo 2 was superior to Halo CE in every single way, and yet all I heard were really annoying complaints about having to play as the Arbiter. Playing as the Arbiter was bad? Really? What was bad about active camo, sword wielding, and a rich story?

The only gripe that people have about Halo 2 that I accept is the cliffhanger ending. I personally didn't have a problem with it, but I guess other people have a right to feel mad that as soon as the story reached a high point, the game ended. But a lot of games end on those kinds of cliffhangers. Half-Life 2 ended on a cliffhanger just like that. And so did Killzone 2, and Resistance 2.

Then comes Halo 3. Halo 3 has the weakest campaign of the Halo games, but I am inclined to forgive the weak campaign because on the multiplayer end, Bungie did so fucking much to ensure high replayability of the game.

The maps varied in color tone, mood, size, and strategic layout.

High Ground, Guardian, Narrows, Last Resort, Construct Sand Trap, Avalanche, and Rat's Nest are some of my favorite maps for Halo 3. And they all differ from each other considerably in contrast to maps in MW2 which give off the same vibes to me.

The new weapons in Halo 3 are also quite fun to use.

The Maulers, the Spartan Lasers, the Spikers, the Spike Grenades, and the hammer are all welcome additions to the arsenal of Halo, as well as the Flamethrower and Guided Missile Launcher for the sake of novelty.

And then, let's not forget the Forge and Theater Mode of Halo 3, which allows players to edit maps to a considerable degree and take photos, record clips or save entire matches, and share their victories with their friends.

On the Single Player side, the story is very stale. This time around, you only play as Master Chief (obviously the Covenant haters felt like playing as the Arbiter was some major betrayal) and the environments seem a little less exotic. The flood is also more annoying in Halo 3, while they were scary in Halo 2.

I for one think that Halo 3 is one of the best games ever made for consoles based on content and developer support alone. I also have a blast playing it.

I am anticipating Reach eagerly and hope Bungie goes out with a standing ovation.

Antan2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

"I am anticipating Reach eagerly and hope Bungie goes out with a standing ovation. "

You talking about the game or our resident N4G user?! J/K

RockmanII72899d ago

Oh Bungie, I remember him. Off topic, but what ever happened to Saaking?

Hayabusa 1172899d ago

If you played Halo 2 before Halo CE (which it sounds like you did) then you probably would consider Halo 2 to be the better game. Yes, Halo 2 added new features and has more variety at a high end level in terms of mission design. But IMO Halo CE has what I would call more "core" variety in terms of it's combat. Every encounter felt fresh, exhilerating and forces you to think on your feet. Halo CE felt like it had more "feedback": the guns felt better to use, they sounded better, they had more impact e.t.c. for me this set the standard in what to expect in a console FPS.

Halo 2 somehow managed to drop most of that so you ended up with stale, bland, straight forward combat. It didn't have the "30 seconds of fun" that Bungie always harp on about, so it didn't really matter if you had a sword or active camo, the core gameplay wasn't as fun as Halo CE, even tho Halo CE had samey environments. (the active camo was in Halo CE by the way...)

As for the Arbiter: I had no qualms playing as the Arbiter, I just didn't like the "humanisation" of the Covernant. I liked the character of the covernant in Halo CE because they come across as a collection of mysterious but blood thirsty aliens - "aliens" meaning "none-human" and strange - so when you make then speak corny lines and try to make them emotive, it completely shattered my enjoyment of the Covernant as a video game enemy. I wanted to learn more about the covernant and understand them as an alien race, not as some sort pseudo-human japanesse culture (refering to the Halo Legends cartoon). And the arbiter's story line is anything but "rich". Disgraced general turns into a super soldier and decides to switch sides with very little conviction or exposition. I think not. Good lines and a nice voice actor does not make a "rich" story line.

I have to agree with you about the cliff-hanger ending tho, I was glad it ended the way it did, because it meant Bungie would have a chance to right the wrongs they did with Halo 2.

Halo 3 was definitly better than Halo 2, but I think that mostly comes down to the technical improvements the 360 brought. If you updated halo 2 with halo 3's engine, Halo 2 would still probably be better because the campaign was alot larger in Halo 2.

The flood: Halo ce had the best flood, halo 3's had alot of variety, but halo 2 flood was awefull, and certainly not scary.

Multiplayer: Halo 2's multiplayer was better than halo 3's IMO because halo 2's was tighter. The maps feel too loose in Halo 3. I've only played Halo ce split screen offline, but I think if Halo CE's multiplayer was online, I'd probably prefer it to Halo 2 or 3. Also, to say you can forgive Halo 3's single player because of the multiplayer is just plane wrong: a campaign is a campaign, it shouldn't really on the multiplayer to prop it up or compensate.

There is alot of variety and additional features in halo 3, but I really felt they didn't take full advantage of them (the flame-grenades and the Spartan laser for exmaple) that's why I prefer halo CE: everythings was used to it's full effect.

I do defintly prefer Halo 3 to Halo 2, and the best thing about Halo 3 was the theatre mode. That to me was a revolution and natural step up in terms of video game innovation (even tho racing games had been doing it for yonks) and I am quite frankly annoyed that more games aren't ripping-off the one feature in Halo 3 that's really worth copying.

I am looking forward to Halo Reach, but in all honesty, reach is what Halo 2 should have been and it now it feels like it's too little too late.

Imperator2899d ago

Excellent comment Soad, and personally, I agree.


Saaking got permanently banned. That's why he just disappeared. I don't know about Bungie though. Probably the same.

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Wizziokid2899d ago

This looks to be one of the best Halo titles yet, can't wait

gtsentry2899d ago

looks like its goin to be the best halo title

strickers2899d ago

That is the most boring trailer on earth.I actually started skipping ahead and it was only 2 min long.Dull.

van-essa2899d ago

Of course... And this doesn't have anything to do with your hard-on for Sony I guess.

The real killer2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I don't get it, i only see some some soldiers looking at some point and some space spaceshipd flying to space and that's all.

Boring in my opinion, o wait now i'm a Sony fanboy right?

karl2899d ago

they are rising dude!!

dont u get it? LOL

SixZeroFour2899d ago

its an artistic trailer...its not even a real trailer, they used bits from halo 3 and halo reach e3 trailer

and of course you are...or atleast SOME type of fanboy (prolly an antihalo fanboy) there has to be a reason you have only 1 bubble

R2D22899d ago

with Helghans in those ships instead of spartans would you still call the trailer boring?

peowpeow2899d ago

Epic..where is the music from?

QuantumWake2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

The music comes from Two Steps from Hell. They've done some pretty epic music for games and movies. For games, they've most notably done the launch trailer for Mass Effect 2. and if you've seen that trailer, it's pretty damn epic.



This trailer was amazing! Really caught the emotion and atmosphere. Hopefully Bungie/MS will be able to top this trailer.


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