PS India Head Says Move Launch Titles Are For Family Audience

Despite reassuring that PlayStation Move will offer something to the hardcore gaming crowd, Atindriya Bose, head of PlayStation India, has said initial launch titles for the device are for the family audience.

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mjolliffe2927d ago

So should we wait until the New Year sales where it's bound to come down in price, even if it is by a small amount?

kevco332926d ago

I doubt that! New year sales 2012 perhaps!

Rainstorm812926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

GO.... Mary.....This is my nightmare!!!!!

JsonHenry2926d ago

I am just gonna wait to buy any of the new motion controller stuff until a decent game comes out. Casual games? No thank you. I have Risk and Uno for that.

SpaceSquirrel2927d ago

I guess I can wait until more hardcore games supports it.

sunil2926d ago

The head of Playstation India is a dud... a face... NOTHING more. He hardly has any facts, simply projects the news already told as if its his own. Heading Playstation in a country that has the second largest population and what has he done? NOTHING ... HELL even the slim has not been announced there yet. Guess why 360 is so popular there !

gameseveryday2927d ago

no more hardcore games? :S

trounbyfire2926d ago

LBp, ruse, socom 4 and more besides sports champions has a core game in it

Christopher2926d ago

Killzone 3
Dead Space: Extraction
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
Heavy Rain
Echochrome 2
Time Crisis: Razing Storm
Tiger Woods 11
ProStroke Golf
LotR: Aragorn's Quest
NBA 2K 11
Heroes on the Move

I have to get a Move wand and subcontroller just for Dead Space: Extraction. I know it will support dualshock 3, but just doesn't feel right playing that without a motion controller. And I'm a big fan of Dead Space.

Spenok2925d ago

There are plenty of games coming out at or around launch that support Move. It will be well worth an early adoption.

SprSynJn2926d ago

Resident Evil 5 will support it. R.U.S.E. will also support the controller, so only the majority of games will be for the casual gamers.

trounbyfire2926d ago

after that sorcery , KZ3 and a TENNIS game that allows me to hit the ball the way i would in real life..

this has to happen so look on the bright side the core games are coming later this year after the official launch

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The story is too old to be commented.