Top 5 Most Difficult Platinum Trophies to Obtain

Since the introduction of trophies back in 2008, many players have set out to obtain highly prestigious Platinum Trophies. With some games easier to ‘Platinum’ than others and some seemingly impossible – due to reasons such as being time consuming or requiring an abundance of skill – PSLS has compiled a list of what they believe are the top 5 most difficult Platinum Trophies to snag.

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Nitrowolf22593d ago

All the trophies in KZ2 were easy except complete every mission on Elite. This was bar far the most difficult one to achieve ( is still havn't gotten it)
I got to like the second level and gave up after i would get pinned down for 10-20 minutes by forces.

FENDR2593d ago

what about far cry 2 those trophies are a real pain!

blitz06232593d ago

I'm glad I have the Deluxe edition of Demon's Souls. It made it 10x faster to get the platinum. And now it's selling at a good price

NecrumSlavery2593d ago

Killzone 2 Top 1% of the week Gold Valor trophy was a chunk of my life. I think it's far from easy, especially when I got it, when there were 100,000s people playing

PoSTedUP2593d ago

ah yes, wipeoutHD. i was awesome at that game. i took like 17th place in the world at some point on time trials, now i got bumped up to 100 and something because i haven't played it. gave up on the platinum trophy man it was too hard for me i lost my patients. will play it again tonight for old times sakes.

Jaces2593d ago


Wow, didn't realize the jump in price for the Deluxe Edition.

Nice! :D

morganfell2593d ago

I disagree with the writer referring to Demon's Souls as frustrating. A frustrating game is one in which you are aggravated due to idiotic design, poor mechanics, or a violation of basic rules by developers. Demon's Souls is tough. It does not forgive stupidity. But it is not frustrating.

Commander_TK2593d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company? Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? Socom? Those r much harder


I beat KZ2 on elite and got the trophy for being in the top 1%. Being in the top 1% was super easy for me. I got it the first week after the game came out.

Including DLC, I have 96% of KZ2's trophies. Missing a few trophies from the most recent DLC but of course they aren't required for platinum.

jeseth2593d ago

To platinum that games you would need months of gaming time.

I agree all of these games are hard to platinum (Wipeout and Demon's Souls probably being the hardest) but these authors have clearly never seen the trophey list for MLB The Show.

IdleLeeSiuLung2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Did anyone actually get a platinum on that game? I could have sworn I read on the PS forums for this game that only one person got it and it was like big news....

I stop playing it so I have no clue....

Darkstorn2593d ago

I attained about 35% completion in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and couldn't go any further. A lot of those trophies are just kill a shit ton of enemies with weapon X. Extremely tedious, to say the least.


Look at my PSN profile and you'll see I stated nothing but facts.

Stupid idiots on N4G...

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ugabugaz2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Only got the Killzone 2 Plat.
The only trophy I found hard was beat the game on Elite - Specifically the last portion of the last level (Not the mini sections in it, Just "The Fight")

Top 1% or was it 10...
Quite easy, but then again I was raping on Corinth River(Favorite Map) TDM with the SMG.

jerethdagryphon2593d ago

do you mean actuall fighting radec, hes easy

once the car comes through the window jump down grab the gun from it run like a mofo to the other side race up through the balcony to the rear right corner , (if your facing the door radec comes throguht,

the corner your backed into means hes only going to come at you one of 2 directions each a 45degree angle fron the other just blast at him soon as you see his shimmer and hell switch to the other repeat tell he runs off to shoot you reload use the wall on your left and the pillar infront of you as cover to shoot him

once he return to previous pattern repeat tell he runs to the back and shoots you usde the pillar as cover shoot and win

take him down in a couple of minites with no damage

HARDEST plat i know of is mirrors edge unless you are really really good at doing the glitchy tricks

its ranked at 9.2 out of 10 on for good reason

Blaine2592d ago

It's everything before him that's hard... especially when the effing rocket launcher guys come out! I didn't even know the screen could go so dark without dying... but I got it! :)

Incognegro2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

How were you able to reach 17th in a time trial and not get the platinum in that game? lol you obviously must be pretty good at it.

I wonder though, if sony will ever release a chart/ladder that shows who has the most platinum trophies, and how many people have platinums in each game. That shouldn't be too hard to do I think.

PoSTedUP2593d ago

that #17 was only on a certain map that i played over and over and over. i ranked pretty well in other levels, i just got burnt out playing the time trials over and over constantly. i gave up trying. this was a while ago, im not as hardcore with it anymore.

i tried to get the platinum in uncharted (beat it 3 times) just gave up the fourth time, lost interest.

warhawk must be hard to get the platinum, you have to do A LOT, plus its all multilayer (whis is more competition to get the things that you want.

morganfell2593d ago

I have the Uncharted and Uncharted 2 Platinums. The hardest part for me in UC2 was Drazen. When we were at GDC this year, Amy Henning as well as other ND devs stated they realized the balance was off in two areas - difficulty spikes - and that was one of the areas. The QTE is just so fast that you die quite often.

TooTall192593d ago

Uncharted plat was easy if you know where to find all the treasures.

Hardest plat I've seen is Wipeout HD.

pixelsword2593d ago


I play the game every so often and don't have a single trophy to speak of.

NecrumSlavery2593d ago

Pain has no platinum, but I don't know how to get any trophies at all

mugoldeneagle032593d ago

Don't remind me. I'm like 18 hostage extracts away from a Plat in that game but can't force myself to ever put it back in and try. Whoever thought to put the 150 hostage extracts in that last gold trophy, thanks a lot.

KozmoOchez2593d ago

I dont understand why these guys never have socom on their my opinion it should be in top 3 with Warhawk and Wipeout HD. I mean, a lot of people give up after they realize how much time and effort hat to be put in, especially for the trophies that require extractions - its sooo hard to get extractions in that game

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Jaces2593d ago

I am a proud owner of both KZ2 and Demons Souls Platinums.

GTAIV is on the way though, one more trophy... D:<

El_Colombiano2593d ago

Man I gave up on GTA IV's platinum because the online was broken, Or so I heard.

Jaces2593d ago

It's really not that bad. It's better if you have a friend who also strives for platinum so you guys can work together on acheiving the online portion of the trophies.

Still takes a looot of time out of your day.

I_find_it_funny2593d ago

good luck with AWP trophy, it's a pain for many players, see :)
it's glitched, it may pop up it may not and you never know what you're missing, R* messed up this one on PS3, it took me two runs to get it.

cardgenius2593d ago

Good luck. I got to 87% and gave up when I realized I had to do the petrovic all over again.

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pixelsword2593d ago

@ Nitrowolf2

I'll trade ya; I got every mission on elite, I'm just missing trophies on multiplayer.

ReservoirDog3162593d ago

Before you go into the final stage of the game, look everywhere for LMG ammo. Go into the final area with the LMG (full ammo) and switch to the assault rifle that's given there.

When you have to go up to the second level, switch back to the LMG and run back and forth up there picking people off with the LMG zoomed in not wasting any* bullets. Everyone goes down after a few shots with the LMG. It's very powerful and very precise when zoomed in. If you run out of those, use the grenade launcher.

It took me about an hour to do using those tactics and I wasted most of the LMG bullets in the first easy portion of the final stage.

DarkFinalGod2593d ago

people KZ2 trophies wasnt that hard,i just couldnt get them because i didnt have time to play it 10hrs a day to make it in top whatever but i guess you never played Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 eh? well that took me a good month even though i finished x360 version like 1250.
skills is what is important not how much time you put in the game and this list is almost a fail i mean GTAIV is harder than SF4? yeah broooo in your dreams.

Digitaldude2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

I actually beat Killzone 2 on elite and got top 1% and every trophy except 2 bronze trophies for getting ribbons online.
It sucks cause those two trophys make my accomplishment of beating Elite near pointless :(