Sony Issues 3D Warnings

Ex: We've recently told you about the growing concerns of 3D gaming and entertainment, well Sony has apparently grown cautious as well. In a recent update of Sony Online's Terms of Service, Sony has officially issued a warning to gamers about the usage of 3D visuals.

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Neco5123076d ago

so even developers are afraid of what 3d could do to gamers

DaRockSays3076d ago

this is just a CYA (cover your ass) move by Sony. there's nothing thats going to hurt gamers

CrAppleton3076d ago

Be it a "CYA" or not, it's obvious that Sony is at the very least slightly concerned about 3D visuals. Nintendo also said children under 7 shouldn't play the 3DS.

nickjkl3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

yep same with 2d matter of fact tv in general since any pattern of colors may invoke some physical or psychological impulse also known as a seizure

room4143076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

3d games give you cancer in your balls

HolyOrangeCows3076d ago

They do this with regular games and TVs,, big deal.

ExplosionSauce3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

It doesn't mean it's going to hurt gamers.

Taking breaks after looking at 3D for while is COMMON SENSE. When I watch 3D movies in the theater for almost 2 hours is enough for me before getting tired.

Sony's not making anyone watch or playing in 3D, even if you have a 3DTV with 3D movies and games, you don't have to keeping using all the time.

Neco5123076d ago

But Nintendo said NO ONE UNDER 7 should play the 3DS. Not your typical warning. This isn't saying use caution. This is saying DON'T play it

Hideo_Kojima3076d ago

on every game instructions manual...

Its basic procedure.

ExplosionSauce3076d ago

Eyes of children under 7 are still under development and if not careful, it may cause problems if played for too long.
They don't really say these kind of things in movie theaters because movies are only a couple of hours long. While with videogames, kids may play them all they along everyday if possible.

g0green3076d ago

yea thats a possibility but do you have a source to your certainty?

HolyOrangeCows3076d ago

"But Nintendo said NO ONE UNDER 7 should play the 3DS"

No, they did not. You're thinking of the recovered 15 year old research that showed that red/blue 3D was bad for 7 and under.

inveni03076d ago

They have to put that warning on stuff. You know that tag on your hair dryer that says not to submerge it in the bath tub with yourself? Yeah...they have to put that on there, too. Sony is putting warnings on technology that has no history of problems. They're just preventing someone from coming to them and saying, "I played 3D, now I'm cross eyed!"

Dee_913076d ago

my old computer would would bring up a message saying i should take break because it could damage my eyes\

IdleLeeSiuLung3076d ago

That research from Sega is a little disconcerting. This isn't your vanilla warning, as we have been staring at screens for a long time.

This is a warning that it might mess up with your eyes from pro-longed exposure. People don't know exactly what it will do with your brain/eyes. Fact is, you are screwing around with your vision to create 3D. It might be something, it might not.

What I do know is that watching a 3D movie in the theater certainly makes my eyes tired pretty quickly while I can sit in front of a TV for hours upon hours.

I will be exercising caution, personally until more is known. Let somebody else be the volunteer guinea pig.

Uzesgelen_Goo3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

that's 3D porn xD

Ju3076d ago

3DS is a handlheld, right ? Viewing distance plays an important role here. Heck, I have to re-adjust my eyes after playing the PSP. Focusing on a small screen in holding distance for hours is not healthy to begin with.

AngryTypingGuy3076d ago

You will have to wear dopey looking glasses that require batteries.

IHateYouFanboys3075d ago

@Guntrol: "They also say DONT PLAY GAMES FOR MORE THAN 45 MINUTES..."

if you keep reading, they say dont play games for more than 45 minutes OF EVERY HOUR, meaning for every 45 minutes of play you should take a 15 minute break. bit different to just saying 'dont play games for more than 45 minutes' lol.

Samsung issued warnings with all their 3D tvs, and it said that children under 6 years of age are not allowed to watch 3D tv AT ALL, for reasons others have mentioned regarding the human brains development. 3D is tricking your brain into seeing depth, but 'tricking' your brain isnt a good idea in general, so its definitely not a good idea in a child whos brain is still developing.

sony fanboys wont read these warnings or listen to them though - and when their brains short out or their eyesight takes a turn for the worse theyll sue sony and call foul, even though they were warned not to watch 3D tv for too long etc. i mean, these are the same people who think that its microsofts fault that their disc got scratched when they decided to pick up their xbox and shake it like polaroid picture while it was turned on, despite the warning - theyre obviously not the smartest bunch.

fuckoffodion3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Ser iously, you and your 360 defense force aren't very smart. I like how you hate fanboys and you have it in your name but at the same time are one. It's like a walking contradiction.

Just like your previous account "FANBOYSWILLHATEME". I didn't know you hate yourself. Don't do that, FANBOY.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Obviously there are warnings, in every game, when you start the game, in the intro there are Warnings (which only last like 2 seconds), there are warnings even in the Boxes of the games, there are warnings everywhere, doesn't matter what kind of TV you are using.

This is just another normal warnings in the list.

pippoppow3076d ago

I can't play an FPS games for more than 15 min before getting motion sickness. Same with 3d although not nearly as bad. I've watched full 3D movies with hardly any queasiness but it was still there. People just need to be aware.

Non_sequitur3076d ago

FPS sometimes do the same for me. While watching 3D I only get an awkward feeling when there is lots of motion happening in out of focus objects, and zooming in and out. I haven't had the symptoms mentioned in the warning.

Spenok3076d ago

Well said. As they said it varies from person to person. Ive watched many movies and experienced no sickness or nausea. So i hope it stays that way for my gameing habbit.

Non_sequitur3076d ago

Fear of being sued for dizziness, eye fatigue, discomfort, and nausea?

davekaos3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Stop with the BS already, since the day gaming began all users manuals have stated that gaming can cause issues, dont believe me check any of your game, console or TV manuals.

I wish sites would cut this crap and actually report something that is to interest

@disagrees, you do know this is fact right? check your 360, check your ps3, check your tv. all manuals say it, it does not mean everybody will have a fucking fit and die does it

Neco5123076d ago

I hope you're one of the first to lose your depth perception :D

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Inside_out3076d ago

It will get worse before it is all said and done. There have been studies done years ago on this since 3D is very old tech. The studies do not paint a pretty picture. It is more dangerous than they are letting on and they are watering down the study already since children's eye's are developing past the age of seven, which the study points out.

I don't know any " normal " person who would risk there children's or there own eyesight over a game. Watching a movie once or twice a year or even a week is a relatively short exposure time, giving the users eye's time to re-adjust. Now they want to broadcast regular television in 3D. It's madness and I think they should be held accountable when the crap begins to hit the fan. Trust me, it WILL hit the fan. Anything for money.

acedoh3076d ago

It is an amazing experience but done for hours could have some harmful effects. I don't think fooling your eyes like that hour after hour could be good for you and I am sure some hardcore gamers that may spend hours in front of the t.v. may be doing some serious harm with our without 3D.

cliffbo3076d ago

then you do not know any normal people. lol

NYPunkster3076d ago

What part of 10min breaks don't people understand?

ElementX3076d ago

Give it time, eventually 3D will be shown to cause irreversable damage to your eyes.

Projekt7tuning3076d ago

There's going to be a lot of blind gamer in nursing home in the future.
For every 1 hour of 3d gaming you do, walk in a dark room for an hour after.
That way we can all get in the practice now. J/K

vhero3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

There basically the same warnings you get when playing any game. Basically say don't do for too long and take plenty of breaks. Every system nowadays does this. Games like Wii Sports pushes it by reminding you how long you been playing and advises you to take breaks. This is nothing new and not directed at 3D in general.

@ElementX - Probably will I mean they said mobile phones/cellphones cause damage to your hearing don't they?? They find reasoning for everything they don't understand these days.

ElementX3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Didn't you read that they may put warning labels on mobile phones for radiation? Nobody knows how continuous mobile phone useage will affect your health in another 10 years. Nobody knows how long 3D gaming or TV sessions day after day will affect your vision also.

vhero3076d ago

@ElementX - Exactly nobody really knows this is a sort of get out of jail free card in case anything happens in the future. Most tech products have this warning heck even my new HDTV has a warning in the back of the manual that it may damage my eyes if I watch for too long!

jerethdagryphon3076d ago

its more of a well issue warning so we have legal cover if jonny goes blind

makes sense better safe then sorry

fuckoffodion3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

wrong reply section. Was replying to a hypocrite.

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Natsu X FairyTail3076d ago

Man , I dont like this 3D Stuff. Something is fishy.

3076d ago
ClownBelt3076d ago

Eye cancer in the making?

snp3076d ago

Because shutter glasses and the effects of radiation go hand in hand, of course. I mean, they are virtually the same thing.

I get the impression there's not much basic biology understood on N4G...

USEYOURFIST3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

and not much understanding of cancer not that that is a bad thing
but even tho i doubt it there could actually be a chance clownbelt is right tho he probably just being immature all that would need to happen is the constant shuttering of the glasses or the constant eye strain to damage one cell and cause a mutation and well lawsuits or the ability to see through walls would be all over n4g

EDIT but that is all really unlikely and i will be going ps3d once i have the money just wont let kids use it as the stores near me tell you not to and when do they normally bother to do that

snp3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

That's a very very very long bow to draw.

I don't think you'll find a single case of 'eye strain' (which is nothing more than a referred neurological response to my understanding) causing the sort of molecular damage needed for cell mutation. They're the domain of reactions to chemicals/radiation on what i've read.


yes you are right it is a very long shot but i was just pointing out that i didnt know if it was impossible on molecular level even tho i agree it wouldnt happen (watch someone blame a brain tumor on 3D now), i personaly think 3D will be fine as you would stop when your eyes hurt and il get it when have the cash.

nice to have some non fanboy comments for a change lol

1Victor3076d ago

Maybe you'll claim to be the first one. How immature of you.

PimpHandHappy3076d ago

i wont be using 3D for 4-5 years easy

R2D23076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

I guess this is a good thing because the early 3D adapters will show the affects if any by 3-4 years from now.

My most serious concern is my eye sight, which is already bad - watching regular TV can already do some damage to your eyes if you stair at it for a long period of time - plus I wear contacts.

ranmafandude3076d ago

i don't care i'm gonna use it anyway lol.