How to Stream Media to Your Xbox 360

Gaming Today: The Xbox 360 is a pretty powerful entertainment system along with being a good gaming platform. Whether you use Windows Media Center or Microsoft’s iTunes-like Zune software, pushing your PC music and movies to the living room is a pretty simple thing to do. This how to will show you just how simple it is to use the power fo your home theater and Xbox 360 to watch and play media from your home PC.

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Chaostar2900d ago

I'm currently running all my media through the PS3, not sure if it's any different on the Xbox its just the PS3 has Blu-Ray there too.

I'm using a 2TB networked HDD connected to my router and the PS3 has no trouble playing DivX, Avi, Mp4 etc straight from the drive without my pc turned on. Never tried to do this with my Xbox yet, is it possible?

Still waiting on MKV support though... come on Sony!

whitesoxfalife2900d ago

this should have been talk about a long time ago............ we play the same thing cept mkv but there is a way around that too for both systems i used to know how

Projekt7tuning2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Uh, you do know you can convert MKVs with freeware right?
With a decent PC it takes less than 5min, and the audio is DTS unless you want DD5.1 which you can select.

Chaostar2900d ago


Yeah i'm aware its just a pain in the ar$e I could do without.

forcefullpower2899d ago

How can it be a pain the in arse to use mkv2vob to converst an mkv in 5 mins. Yet you spend 2 hrs downloading a movie.

oooh the irony!!!

RedDead2900d ago

Sometimes streaming to the Ps3 doesn't work as well as the 360 for me, it stalls a few times and I can't find out why, the 360 doesn't stall at all though/

theEx1Le2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

im the opposite lol, i often have trouble with my xbox and none with my ps3. i also use the mkv2vob converter for those pesky mkv files that dont run.

Anon19742899d ago

I had content streaming from my PC to my 360 but had to return my 360 to Microsoft due to RROD. When they shipped me my refurbed console I couldn't get the streaming to work anymore. I spend hours on the phone with various Microsoft reps trying to figure out why that 360 they sent me wouldn't stream. Eventually I just gave up. I've since had two other 360 replacements but never bothered trying it again as setting up my PS3 to stream was a snap.

Now I don't even bother. Instead I just convert MKV files and throw them on a little 250GB usb drive I have. It's an extra step, but I never have to worry about hi-def skipping, or delays trying to fast forward or rewind in a movie or show. It wasn't really an issue with DVD quality media, but 1080p really seemed to bog my home network down.

On a side note, I could never get 1080p to work with my 360 either. I thought it was supposed to work via component cables as my 360 doesn't have HDMI, but my screen just goes blank when I try switching it. Microsoft helpfully told me my new home theater projector must not be able to handle 1080p. It has no problem with 1080p, and handles 1080p from my PS3 just fine leading me to believe the problem is with my 360.

Anyone else had issues with 1080p on the 360 that they were able to figure out a workaround?

psycho3602900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I used to use 360 for media play but poor format support and need to either use third party software on the pc (tversity) or stream using media player of the pc.

I got myself an Asus O!Play, no need for any other device, not even a bdplayer. It's a standalone device which plays all formats mkv as well, all sorts of audio files, subtitle support, firware upgradeble, 5000 internet tv, even more internet radio, has hdmi to connect for full 1080p and costs 100$. Can hook up usb2.0 or e-sata devices. Not to mention can be hooked up to network via lan and can also directly play from connected PC's hard drives. Its bigger and slightly more expensive brother has Wifi and card reader support as well.

Little investment no headache for future proof product as it is linux based and already big support on firmware by community.

r1sh122900d ago

what..the xbox has the same format support as the ps3, the only format it doesnt play (both consoles), is MKV.
I mean what else is missing?
Worst comes to worst I could use the HDMI on my laptop and play MKV on my tv but thats not ideal for me.
ALso what other software do you need?
Im pretty sure as long as you have windows media player it works.

ManGastaS2900d ago

Xbox 360 is the best stream console out there!

Folezicle2900d ago

ManGastaS, I think both are great.. Then again I can handle poor quality

Moentjers2899d ago

so you have no problem turning it on friday at 17h and turn it of sunday evening at 2am ?

sGIBMBR2899d ago

They are both exactly the same, I guess it's just the menu's which you scroll through is the only different.

r1sh122900d ago

IM also waiting for mvk support on either console.
Ive got all my stuff setup perfect, so I can always stream media.
I just want MKV, without having to change format just to watch something.
I never really bothered with re-encoding from mkv to another format thats just long and I dont have time for that.
C'mon sony or MS.
We all want it.

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Blaze9292900d ago

Besides music for custom tracks, dunno why anyone with a PS3 and 360 would choose the 360 to stream media. One thing I like about the PS3 is that I can save my media to the PS3's HDD.

T9X692900d ago

Zune? Stream HD movies within seconds sounds pretty nice to me. Then again I'm cheap, so I just use my PS3 browser and download all my movies o_O

Fanb0y2900d ago

I could NEVER EVER get video to stream on my xbox. There's always some codec problem I can't seem to do anything about.

Some tips would be appreciated. :D

takohma2900d ago

Instead of people helping you out they just give you disagrees!?!? That's kinda messed up. I have the same problem on my 360. While it reads the files faster then my ps3 it doesn't play them. And my ps3 only plays about half of my videos and a little more than that of my music. Tips would be nice though.

VladimirK2900d ago

Firstly, make sure you have the optional media update installed.
For me, things like .avi files still wouldn't play unless I was actually connected to Live. You could try connecting to Live then it might work.

Personally I prefer my PS3 for media now because of a better interface imo, (like turning the right analogue stick to control FF, RW and play; it just feels smoother and easier), and because of it allowing you to save to the HDD.

Goldenarmz2900d ago

i just use the 360 to stream music, i always found it difficult for movies, kinda slow and laggy. The ps3 works like a dream when i stream my movies. Only thing i dont like about streamin from PS3 is sometimes it says my files or corrupted and then other times the file plays fine. Usually happens a lot of with tv show box sets. For instance one show, episode 16-19 were corrupted, then i rebooted my ps3 and server and episode 12-15 were corrupted but 16-19 worked perfectly fine even tho it was the reverse before the reboot. It tends to drive me bonkers.

DelbertGrady2900d ago

I usually save movies on a USB flash and stream it from there.

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