US Chart for Week Ending 28th July 2007

Software and hardware sales in the US from VGchartz. Guitar Hero II takes the number one spot for software sales while the Nintendo DS was the best-seller for hardwares.

Hardware: Console Weekly Total
DS - 140,151 (-4%) 13,730,938
Wii - 95,171 (-3%) 3,974,505
PSP - 59,483 (-9%) 8,864,934
PS2 - 54,701 (-10%) 44,524,847
PS3 - 43,498 (-4%) 1,738,147
X360 - 34,174 (+5%) 6,607,403
GBA - 23,725 (-0%) 40,768,173
GC - 1,656 (-2%) 12,697,057
Xbox - 11 (-58%) 15,933,106
Total 452,570

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ALIEN3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

PS2 still alive? n PSP is getting up, while PS3 is taking over.

Im happy that SONY is doing great, just take a look at the chart.

coming out on 3rd place is the PSP, follow by the PS2 on #4, which still alive, while PS3 is on the 5th spot. DAMN! SONY is doing great. Im proud of being a SONYfan. HEADS UP!

WaggleLOL3880d ago

"PS2 still alive?"

There are an insane number of 19.99 PS2 greatest hits games left for people to play. I've been rushing through as many as possible before Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword and others all hit over the next few months.

Wonder what system all those 54 thousand new PS2 owners are going to upgrade to when they go out and buy one of the rapidly dropping in price 1080p TV sets?

Amazing numbers for Sony, 97 thousand people buying Playstation consoles in the US and 40 thousand in Japan.

And the 360 continues to fade away like the Dreamcast. Dead in Japan and Europe and sitting in last place in the US.

nasim3880d ago

not to mention PS2/PSP and PS3----all of them are beating x360 worlwide by big margins.




masterg3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

The World numbers are looking very interesting.

PS3 109,067 vs X360 56,779

Almost double this week. It will be very interesting to see the reaction when the X360 drops $50 shortly.
The problem is that the X360 only sold 22,000 outside the US. That is really really bad, and the price-cut is scheduled only in the US.

cooke153880d ago

Why do we allow these numbers to be posted. They are in no way official.

WIIIS13880d ago

PS3 sales are already dipping and 360 rising. Looks like people wised up to the non pric-cut. Hmm in fact only 360 is on the rise.

360Crusader3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Last time the PS3 had around 13,000 consoles sold over the 360.
Now this time it closed off to about 9,000 consoles. A small increase for the 360 platform.

Who disagreed with me? Say something and plus it was around 13,000 last week. Its a decrease I didnt say anything that wasnt true did I?

Edit: Jason xg1 I guess your right these charts are not a 100 percent I guess. But at least it give us something to discuss.

ALIEN3880d ago

I don't know if this is fake, but if this is fake, then i think we should take care of people posting this BS, because this [email protected]#@ is the reason why we get into fights every FUKING day of the week.

Odion3880d ago

while i like your vigor in supporting your platform, your first comment is also what spurs fights. Maybe tone it down a dash.

Also if we're really going to use their numbers, go and check their Europe and Aus numbers, the Ps3 and 360 are pretty much dead even. The big difference is japan where the PS3 got a boost from Hot Shots golf, but i think it'll do the same thing as the 360, big game comes out, console sales spike for a few weeks and then the Wii anally dominates it again

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