How Sony killed the PSP Go

It's been about a year sense the Go was announced, and sense then it hasn't exactly been a blockbuster. Lets take a stroll down memory lane and find out what went wrong to doom what was, on paper, a good idea.

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hatchimatchi3080d ago

The psp go is a effing joke. Sony didn't just drop the ball, they tripped over their feet at the 5 yard line and smashed their teeth on a rock in the field.

The support for it is beyond horrendous. Every week the store gets updated and maybe once a month I see roughly 1 game (usually from atlus) that is worth downloading.

There's nothing worse than owning a handheld and seeing all kinds of games inside stores, THAT YOU CANNOT PLAY. It's so frustrating.

hiredhelp3079d ago

it floped cos wasnt hackable