The 3 best summer PSN games for the summer drought

The summer season is said to be the time for the rest and relaxation. But games should not take this approach. The summer gaming schedule is usually pretty dry and this summer seems to be no exception. Red Dead Redemption may be enough to carry you through the summer drought, but for others they need a quick fix of entertainment. If this sounds like you, the PSN has you covered. Listed below are the top three PSN games so far, for this summer.

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kylebarreira2903d ago

joe danger is one of the best games ever man

Gambit072903d ago

Agreed, I'm going for all the stars, dang, some of the last ones are tough.

Rainstorm812902d ago

Love the icon gambit!!

Yea Joe Danger is a great game, unfortunatly not many people on my friends list has it.

T9X692902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Sorry but Trials HD is better than Joe Danger.

EDIT: I don't own a PS3?

@Dac2u - Ummm they both have a score of 86 on Metacritic, Gamespot gave both games an 8 and Trials HD has 8.4 user with 604 votes and Joe Danger has only .1 points higher with 500 less votes. I fail to see your logic here.

I'm also replying to kylebarreira who said Joe Danger is one of the best games ever (I'm assuming he means by arcade and that type of genre) so I said Trials HD was better. Nothing wrong with that.

capjacksparrow2902d ago

Its all a matter of opinion. I think Joe Danger is much more enjoyable. The review averages are the same, so it all depends on which you prefer. Plus you don't even own a PS3 most likely.

Dac2u2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

@T9X69: Not according to Metacritic and the Gamespot User Score. Also, the title of this article is: "The 3 best summer PSN games," notice the letters PSN.

Dac2u2902d ago

@T9X69: Sorry, for some reason I didn't see that you were replying to someone and I thought you were trolling. I was just being facetious, saying that Joe Danger had scored higher. And I was wrong about Metacritic, it's GameRankings that has the higher score. So, my post failed all around.

OneSneakyMofo2902d ago

X game is better than Y game is subjective. If you don't want people to disagree or naysay you, add a IN MY OPINION at the end of your sentence, not a 'sorry, but this game is better because I say it is. Here, let me justify my point by adding unnecessary dribble to add onto my opinion."

peeps2902d ago

they're pretty different games tbh. Trials going for the physics based approach to time trials and joe danger more about over the top stunts and exploration.

whichever is better than which is all down to personal preference.

Anyway Joe danger is a lot of fun but kinda getting a bit bored of it. Think it would have been better at a lower price point. Also i wonder if we'll get family fued here on the uk store, of course over here the show is called family fortunes. I imagine it would be a good laugh tbh

HolyOrangeCows2902d ago

You're such a pitiful fanboy who thinks that his opinion is law.

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Spenok2901d ago

Joe danger looks to be the best one there. Ill have to get it soon.

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DelbertGrady2902d ago

I'd take these over Limbo, Hydro Thunder, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Monkey Island 2 and Monday Night Combat any day. Family Feud sounds hardcore and I like Joe Danger much better than Trials HD. It's more kids friendly.

Rainstorm812902d ago

I can sense your sarcasm there, but maybe yyou should say some games that was already released.

Thats what the article was talking about not to mention PSN titles.

But (since you brought it up) limbo and Castlevania look great the rest is meh to me. Hmmmm looks like the exact summer of xbox list from 360....Major nelson is that you?

OneSneakyMofo2902d ago


P - S - N. Not X-B-L-A.

peeps2902d ago

Theres this really clever thing i worked out the other day. basically i own a 360 and a ps3, that way i can play any game i want. it's amazing really, means i don't have to argue on the internet

lightningsax2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Gee Soda, it's awesome that you've been able to play all those XBLA games you listed up there already in order to come to that conclusion, instead of just judging on surface value and a few trailers.

Because, you know, Summer of Arcade titles are coming out starting July 21st. Well, not Trials HD, that's already out, so we lowlifes can play one of them. I envy your connection with game publisher higher-ups! Can't wait to finally gain access to those as a regular plebe.

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doctorspakles2902d ago

There is no drought this summer, there is Starcraft 2.