Is upgrading to a PS3 Slim really a downgrade?

SmellyPirate from Sarcastic Gamer: Last year, the hospital I work for announced a change in our benefits package. They “upgraded” our vacation days to PTO (paid time-off). This “upgrade” entailed fewer days off per year, less flexibility for extended medical leave, and stricter guidelines on requested vacations. From this, I could only deduce that Sony had assumed ownership of my workplace.

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deadreckoning6662906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Well, u get two less USB ports and sacrifice backwards yea. The 60gb PS3 is most definetly the best in my eyes. I use the Memory Stick Pro duo slot very often to transfer files to my Sony Ericsson phone. I wuldn't buy a Slim unless my 60gb broke and it was beyond repair.

PoSTedUP2906d ago

well, yes imo. it doesnt have 4 usb ports, mem stick slots, backwards compatibility, the shiny sexy sleek and chromed out look of the original 80gig etc.

the white slim in japan i have to say is the nicest looking console EVER tho.

Shadow Flare2906d ago

It always did confuse me when i heard people wanting to sell their ps3 to get a slim. I really could not fathom why. This is one instance where buying a console on day 1 really paid off because the launch 60gb ps3's had everything. Full B/C, 4 USB slots, card readers, and in my opinion the looks. I really think the original ps3 looked awesome. Glad i still have mine

dktxx22906d ago

buying a ps3 is one time where being an early adopter really paid off.

Lombax2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Because the Phats put out a LOT of heat can run loud and suck up more energy than a slim.

I just recently traded my 60gig in for a slim because I couldn't even play it durring the day. It gets too hot here in SoCal for me to run my old 60gig. =/

EDIT: A disagree? Uhh... What exactly are you disagreeing with? lol

WhittO2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

I have a launch 60GB and I use the Mem-card readers all the time for my Cam.
Use the USB Ports alot for Controllers but use it to charge other stuff like my cam or ipods now and again, especially when I have to charge Move controllers as well as my Dualshocks.

As for the B/C, can't say I have used it much, but it's nice to know it's there if I need it.

The Slim still has PS1 B/C though right? It's just the PS2 chip they decided to not include?

The ONLY plus I see in the Slim is more to do with it consuming less power and running cooler.
My PS3 is already quieter than the fan on my Surround Sound Speaker control unit lol.

karl2906d ago

seriously considering to sell my fat 60gb ps3 and buy a new slim..
its a downgrade.. but it was all about the look for me...

i like it more... but even though i dont use the backward compatibility .. didnt have a ps2... i do use the sd memory slot.. so thats been holding me from selling it..

Elwenil2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Well I don't have a lot of choice. RDR or maybe the last update finally did in my 80Gig backward compatible PS3, so I have to "upgrade" to a Slim now. I am sure I will miss the extra USB ports as I frequently have two of them filled with a charging controller, headset charging dock and a USB drive. Naturally I can charge my controllers from my PC or even from the USB slot on my TV, so I can adapt. One thing I will definitely miss is the sleek shiny look of the fat PS3. I really can't stand the textured look of the Slim and I'm seriously considering one of the various sticker packages to make it look gloss black like my old one even though they seem really cheap. So while the 250Gig HDD is an upgrade and the Slim should be more reliable, I will definitely miss my fat PS3 and it's glossy black styling. I'll be getting it fixed to use as a backup and a BluRay playing in another room though so I will still keep it around somewhere.

BattleAxe2906d ago

I wouldn't replace my 60gig unit with a slim, but I love the way the Slim looks, and I don't really care about backwards compatibility anymore as I got rid of all my PS2 games. The only thing I don't like is that it only has 2 USB ports.

IdleLeeSiuLung2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

The only part of the slim that is an upgrade is really reduced power consumption due to the newer hardware, making the whole unit quieter.

Beyond that, the older phat (especially the 60GB) was i almost every way superior from craftsmanship to look. It looked more expensive, it felt more expensive, it had the nicer buttons (or lack thereof).... at one point it also had Other OS.

SO upgrading to a slim is like downgrading in my eyes, but hey you get the console for half the price that launch people paid. My brother paid I think $400-500 for it. Don't remember, but he got like 5 blu-ray movies for free with the machine. Slim is $300 and you get a 120GB hard drive that is larger as well. I guess to me, the BC feature isn't worth $200! However, $100 probably...

I just wished they made different skus that matter i.e. with BC, not a 130GB upgrade to the hard drive like they do now. There is nothing differentiating those machines at all when you can upgrade your own hard drive for significantly cheaper.

SniperJDC2906d ago

I have the limited 160gb uncharted phat ps3 and have no problems with it getting too hot or too loud and I wouldn't trade it in for a slim cause I think its ugly IMO

sikbeta2906d ago

BC PS3 Fats are The Most Complete of all the PS3 Models, I had Fat with no BC, didn't whine cos I put money on a Console to Play Games of this Gen, Now I have an Slim, I love it but I can't deny the fact that the BC PS3 Fats are the best, 10 Years of Gaming since Day One is Feature no other Console Have or ever had...

cmrbe2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

The slim is in my living room and fatty is with me in the bedroom.

It terms of capability yes the slim feels like a downgrade however i really love how much smaller, quite and less heat procude by the slim. In this regards the slim feels more of an advancement.

I really don't like the removal of the power switch at the back though. When my little nephwe comes around he always goes and press the power button. I hate having to constalntly turn off and on the power socket every time he is around.

Edit:Skibeta to be honest though i think most people that have 60gig like myself don't use BC often. Last time i used BC was to replay my MGS collection siince the Ps1 days getting ready for MGS4. I was going to do the same for GOW1 and GOW2 but i bought the Collection and played that instead. The next one is ICO and SOTC before TLG. So actual fact i have basically only used BC for 3 games only and i bought my PS3 in Jan 2007.

BC imo is really is an overated feature especially if you still have your PS2 and PS1.

Projekt7tuning2906d ago

You know under a different story I had commented on my 60gigs Blu-ray drive dieing on me. I commented that I had to pay $150 for a "repair"(Given a Referb) from Sony, and that its a common problem on the older launch PS3s. People gave me disagrees as if it was some horrible lie and I called their mothers fat. Even though a quick Google search will show you that its a problem that Sony will not admit. So I kinda feel vindicated for this guys story. Its more proof that there is a problem with our launch units. My new "Referb" sounds like a 747 taking off. Im afraid every time I use it, a "please insert $150 and press start" logo is going to come up.LOL
I have had my 360 replaced 3 times for free Sony, this last time they gave me a choice to pay a little for a brand new Elite in the box. Do you here me Sony? Stop making us pay $150 on something we payed $600 for.

BigPenguin2905d ago

Did you have your receipt? My 60g launch died at Christmas this year(7 months ago), a pretty obnoxious time for it to crap out honestly. I called up Sony and their first question to me was if I still had the receipt. I did(I keep all receipts and boxes for games and game systems, still have my launch n64 box), they said to send a copy of it in with my PS3, and I got it fixed for free. Mine was out of warranty for what? 2.5 years?

smoothdude2905d ago

I just did the exact same thing as the writer of the blog. My PS3 phat was dying after about an hour and a half of gameplay, so I decided to get rid of it and go with the slim. I am very happy I did. The pictures of the slim don't do it justice, and I love the new colour and buttons on the front. I will miss the 4 usb ports, but considering that they don't charge anything when the system is off, I don't think it will be too bad.

The slim is so quiet. I love it, and the games load up way faster on this thing than they did with the phat. I guess it all depends on what is important to you, but for me, I love the slim.

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mboojigga2906d ago

Because it is slim. I just upgraded my Dec 05 360 to the new 360s and about to take my 80gig PS3 to Gamestop and get the $200 credit to go towards a slim. New warranty is one reason and I don't care about backwards compatibility. It plays BR movies as the previous games and it plays all the PSN and PS3 games I have purchased for it. Don't personally care about how many USB ports since I only used 2 at a time to charge my controllers anyway.

PixlSheX2906d ago

I had to buy a slim because my 80Gb ps3 ylod'ed. I don't know what to do with it, i mean, i wish i could fix it.. can somebody tell me what can i do? I don't care if it's risk-y, i got this (:

IdleLeeSiuLung2906d ago

fix it with a quick fix and sell it off to gamestop?

Foliage2906d ago Show
iamtehpwn2906d ago

If you have a nonBC 40gb like me, a Ps3 slim is definitely an upgrade just in terms of how much more quiet it runs.

Of course, I believe Sony is looking into the profitablity and consumer benefit of HD updated PS2 games and then releasing those on PSN before we see an emulator on the store. Granted, I'd much rather play them than upscale games.

NewZealander2906d ago

well the slim has everything i need, i never bought the fat because i hate the way it attracts dust and scratches.

ive only ever used one usb port, so thats not a biggie, and ive played most of the big franchises on ps2 so backwards compatibility isnt an issue either, i never played god of war until the ps3 collection came out, and ive got to say sonys idea of making more collections like it is all good with me.

tinybigman2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

i've only used the memory stick like 2-3 times, and i only use 2 of the 4 usb ports on my 60 gig lol. the otherOS crap i pretty much don't give two good craps about.

roguewarrior2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

and SONY will send you a Refurbished 60GB. they tried to talk me into taking a slim for $120, i Laughed and said no thanx. Like I'm gonna give up 2 USB ports, Hardware BC, SACD support( Dark Side Of The Moon, 5.1 lossless.),and i like the touch power/eject instead of the buttons on the Slim.

pixelsword2905d ago

I love how I can play all of my Resident Evil games that spans three PlayStations off of one PlayStation.

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Natsu X FairyTail2906d ago

Can u play PS2 games with a Slim? there you go.

Folezicle2906d ago

Also you can't use Linux any more

Hellsvacancy2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Can u play PS2 games on a 40gig PS3? well i cant, not that i care, so yeah, 4 me, buyin a Slim WOULD b an upgrade

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Spenok2906d ago

They took out the backwards compatability before the Slim came out.

MysticStrummer2905d ago

I never used the BC on my old 60 gig. There you go.

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Valay2906d ago

Really depends on what matters to each person.

Godmars2902906d ago

Yeah, depends on which phat model you have.

- Loose PS2 BC
- Loose 2 HDMI ports
- Loose media card slots
- Touch controls
- Chrome stripe


+ Reliability
+ Lower heat/power consumption
+ "click-able" buttons?

PixlSheX2906d ago

Loose 2 HDMI ports? Is there a phat model with 3 HDMI ports? o_O

jjesso19932906d ago

ps3 did not come out with 2 hdmi ports due to people complaing about it upping the price for feature that would never be used. so was 2 ethernets droped down to one 6 usb down to 4.

mrv3212906d ago

- Loose PS2 BC ( Already lost some of it previously, you save $100 which is the price of a new PS2)
- Loose 2 HDMI ports ( You mean USB? Not that big of a problem. Buy a USB hub )
- Loose media card slots ( slight problem, the SD one was a good one )
- Touch controls ( This is a negative, I prefer click able buttons )
- Chrome stripe ( purely aesthetic, something you gain by having Matt black )

Nike2906d ago

Any interesting articles?

ReBurn2906d ago

I see that you're a contributor. Why not go find some yourself instead of complaining about what's been approved? If you're not up to it then remember, it takes less effort to not read what you're not interested in than it does to post about how uninterested you are.