Blizzard Is The Pixar Of The Video Game World

Kotaku: "They're basically the biggest company in the games industry, and we're the biggest company in the 3D film industry - it's interesting talking to them, because we always come across the same sort of problems and it just comes down to the philosophy of what you're trying to do."

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Prcko2594d ago

that's prety much true yea

Yi-Long2593d ago

Pixar is constantly resetting the standards and boundaries, each and every year coming up with new levels of genius.

Blizzard is mostly profiting from 1 spark of genius from a bunch of years ago.

They're both part of an evil huge greedy company though.

Odion2593d ago

No sorry, every game they have released since 1994 has been amazing, you may have heard of them, Warcraft 1,2,3, Starcraft, Diablo 1 and 2. All of them considered some of the greatest games ever made, still played by hundreds of thousands of people even now over ten years later, each franchise has racked up hundreds of awards and tens of millions in sales, and thats without World of Warcraft.

bakasora2593d ago

Blizzard shouldnt merge with Activision.

lociefer2593d ago

naughty dogs beg to differ

RockmanII72593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

The difference is time. Pixar makes a great movie every year. When was Blizzards last great game, 5 years ago? And that's not a shot at Blizzard, but Pixar are Gods and no one can do what they do, except Nintendo's EAD but that's 5 development studios combined.

Also, back to the Blizzard/Pixar thing Pixar only made sequels for Toy Story and Cars. Look at how many sequels Blizzard has made in Warcraft alone.

Cheeseknight282593d ago

Monsters Inc also has a sequel coming.

jjesso19932593d ago

Cheeseknight28 dont no why anyone disagreed with you it was confirmed for 2012 and i cant wait

Panthers2593d ago

Naughty Dog is a great dev and I love their games, but they dont have anything on Blizzard as it stands. And Blizzard will continue to show how great they are with the release of SC2

rumplstilts2593d ago

Blizzard is mostly profiting from 1 spark of genius from a bunch of years ago.

Toy story 1,2,3?

thewhoopimen2593d ago

You want to compare Pixar's sequels to Blizzards? How about we compare how many original pieces of work then? Blizzard is a far older company and it hasn't innovated since what like 90s? Blizzard just feeds off sequels and subscription fees. In 1994 I might've agreed with you, but no way in hell 2010.

callahan092593d ago

@Odion, and it's been over 7 years since they released something that wasn't World of Warcraft related (and even that was just an expansion to Warcraft 3). The last non-Warcraft title they released was in 2001.

All I'm saying is they've been living off the WoW machine for the better part of a decade now. To say that "Blizzard is mostly profiting from 1 spark of genius from a bunch of years ago" as Yi-Long said, it's, well, completely true.

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Rainstorm812593d ago

Biggest doesnt equal the best.....but then agai n thats completly subjective.

I think Dreamworks minus Shrek is nipping at Pixars heels(although Pixar is clearly the standard), and Blizzard other than Starcraft and Warcraft, what do they have......oh yea activision on thier side.

They are only number one because they merged with Activison, and vice versa

Raf1k12593d ago

'Blizzard other than Starcraft and Warcraft, what do they have'

They also have Diablo. That's three absolutely amazing IPs that have won who knows how many awards and made who knows how much money. Look at Infinity Ward and Bungie, they have one well known IP each and that's it.

They were already number one before they even merged with Activision.

Agent Smith2594d ago

But Pixar doesn't charge you 15 dollars a month to play one of their games.

Pandamobile2594d ago

Wow, a company charging $15/month for an MMO. That's almost unheard of.

ShinMaster2593d ago

That's why I don't like MMOs. After a couple years of playing, I end up paying $400 or so for the same game.

-MD-2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

A game that constantly evolves over time. Yearly expansions packs for a fraction of the price for a full game and a small time monthly payment will supply most people with enough entertainment than most would get out of buying 500$ worth of console games that people love to burn through in 12 hours and move onto the next HOT title that month.

ShinMaster2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Game + expansions + monthly payments = way too much money for just one game.

Maybe if it was free like Guild Wars among others...

When I buy a game, I pay for it. If there are any expansions/DLC that I want, I'll buy it.
But I won't pay every single month just to play the damn game!

Raf1k12593d ago

You may end up paying lots more on an MMO but the amount of content and play time you get it's untouchable by other games. Even the longest single-player RPG you can think of has nothing on WoW classic.

The money spend goes into maintaining servers and extra content that's continuously being produced and rolled out via patches. Obviously some of it goes to paying the people who work there too but with the quantity of high quality content you get in return is worth it.

Spenok2592d ago

Lol. Mmo's charge you monthly becase there always giving you NEW stuff. Be it from minor weekly updates, to Lengthly monthly updates, to HUGH quartly updates. You get what you pay for.

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evrfighter2593d ago

Agreed they don't charge 15 a month. they charge almost as much for 2 hours.

ShinMaster2593d ago

Good thing is, once you buy the movie you won't have to pay for it every month...again and again!

ThePlaystationFour2594d ago

I doubt Blizzard is the Pixar of the video game world.

its Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Quagmire2593d ago

Imo, its Insomniac Games. Why? Coz they managed to create a game of Pixar quality both graphically, technically and overall fun and awesomeness.

ExplosionSauce2593d ago

I like Ratchet's quality fur, lol

cool cole2593d ago

Honestly, I don't think there is a Pixar of the video game world. Only because Pixar makes amazing movies that will make you laugh, cry, or do whatever, I don't think there's a video game company that has kept putting out amazing games that have amazing story depth, emotion and character development. Not saying that there aren't games like that, just saying that not only one developer could be like Pixar, but a group of developers.

RockmanII72593d ago

They make all the first party games for the Wii and DS, that's alot. Plus all of their games are family friendly

SonyNGP2593d ago

I believe Nintendo is more of a "Pixar of the video game world".

GrilledCheeseBook2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

if they had games that had good stories than they would win by default but right now they are probably the closest.

Also the article talks about how hard they work and there philosophies which according to them is basically the same so even though Blizzard can't churn out new games and ips every year, they are according to pixar the closest thing to them from their experience in the gaming industry.

Maybe Valve
they churn out quality games almost every year