Famitsu's Japan Game Charts: PS3 selling 40k; Oblivion 360, GTA LCS and PS3 Hot Shots Golfs 5 Among Top 10

PS3's Hot Shots Golf 5 sells 180k. Xbox 360's Oblivion reaches to number 6 while The Legend of Zeld: Phantom Hourglass falls to the last place.

1. Mario Party 8 (Wii)
2. Hot Shots Golf 5 / Everybodys Golf 5 (PS3)
3. Taikou Drum Master DS (DS)
4. It's a Wonderful World (DS)
5. Powerful Pro Baseball 14 (PS2)
6. The Elders Scroll IV: Oblivion (360)
7. Mobile Suit Gundam: MS War Front 0079 (Wii)
8. GTA: Liberty City Stories (PSP)
9. DQS (Wii)
10. The Legend of Zeld: Phantom Hourglass (DS)

Wii : about 70k
PS3 : about 40k
PS2 : 14000
PSP : 32000
360 : 3800

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drtysouf213948d ago

hmmm guess we'll know for sure when the hardware numbers get released tomorrow evening.

nasim3948d ago

OMG why is MS still selling x360s in JAPAN.

Famitsu numbers

PS3 38,000
PS2 14,000
Wii 70,000
360 3,800

1. [Wii] Mario Party 8 - 280,000
2. [PS3] Minna no Golf 5 - 176,000
3. [NDS] Taiko no Tatsujin DS - 90,000
4. [NDS] Its a Wonderful World - 81,000
5. [PS2] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 14 - 53,000(~200,000)
6. [360] Oblivion - 45,000
7. [Wii] Gundam MS 0079 - 44,000
8. [PSP] GTA LCS - 39,000
9. [Wii] Dragon Quest Swords - 32,000(~400,000)
10. [NDS] Zelda Phantom Hourglass - 32,000 (~680,000)

MK_Red3948d ago

The biggest surprise for me is Oblivion, a Western RPG on Xbox360 (The PS3 version isn't released yet) doing good in J market! Not to mention a GTA game on PSP also being among top 10.

shysun3948d ago

They like great games too...just not FPS games!;)

timmyp533948d ago

it was just like 9,000. The games make the difference(Hot Shot Golf) =)lets see what happens when more japanese friendly games are released over there

MK_Red3948d ago

Good point. I knew a Japanese friendly game would help PS3 sales but 40k, More than PSP!? I cant even begin to imagine what happens when games like FFXIII and MGS4 hit the market.

Circa243948d ago

MGS is big in Japan? I didn't know...

Would you say it's bigger in the US or in Japan?

xaphanze3948d ago

It's big in both regions.It's one of the most anticipating titles in Japan.

tehcellownu3948d ago

Imagine when final fantasy and mgs4 drop in goin to see even bigger 300k or

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Lord Anubis3948d ago
180k first week?

I thought it was 150k.

40k PS3's solid is a good number.

junk563948d ago

remember pre-orders plus pack-ins with the ps3 bundle

Ju3948d ago

Currently it seems the PS3 outsells the 360 everywhere - except in Australia. It hit the >100K weekly mark globally. Seems that price - and maybe the issues the 360 faces ATM play into Sony's favor. Might change again with a cheaper 360, later this year. At least, this will be a very interesting holiday season (cheaper 360, more PS3 games).

sonarus3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Games sell consoles. Thats jst the plain truth. Same can't be said for 360. Don't mean to be a hater but don't think it has hit 5000 in a long time.