PS3 Slim Console: Beyond My Expectations and Somewhat Affordable

EFG writes: I expected the slim model to have a less quality build. But once I got it in my hands I realized it was actually better than the original. The Slim model is not a fingerprint magnet like the earlier models.

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T9X692657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I liked how my original 60GB had more features and ports on it, but I still love my 250 GB slim. That thing is a beast.

EDIT: I don't really care for the white one, I always loved the black slick look. Heavy Rain is fucking awesome, the story IMO was the best in any video game.

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C_SoL2657d ago

I had my 60GB stolen :(

Hoping to buy a Slim 250GB one day....

ThanatosDMC2657d ago

I wanted a Yakuza Slim model. It has a dragon on it... but it's too expensive on ebay.

Spenok2656d ago

I agree, that limited edition was bad ass.

r1sh122657d ago

I just read the first line and stopped.
This guy cannot even get his grammar write.
That said I like my ps3.

Elwenil2657d ago

*grammar right*

It's a good idea to proofread when you are criticizing someone else's grammar.

MarkyMarky2657d ago

Heavy Rain was like a bad episode of CSI or something... crappy script and shitty voice acting... how bad was that scene where you play with the kids... LAME!

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aviator1892657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I don't understand why these articles get approved. The PS3 Slim came out a while ago and this sort of information has already gotten approved several times when the slim system was released.
It's a great system and all with fantastic games, but these same articles that talk about the same old things are getting old.

ClownBelt2657d ago

Slow on news. Have you seen the other articles that got approve or waiting for approvals? All garbage I tell you.

aviator1892657d ago

I wish there was like a super unbiased moderator on this website that would just block out those articles...
Oh, well. I guess people want their news submitted and people approve them.

n4gno2656d ago

Someone don't like when ps3 sell well, takes GOTY and best graphics games,, etc and prefer "ps3 is doomed articles", or is it just because you really don't like "old news" ? :)

2657d ago
aviator1892657d ago

That sexy little beast of yours looks...epic.

Millionaire2657d ago

Omg...that looks so good.

BubbleSystemSuck2657d ago

this is the process..

Saludos desde Paraguay

MetalFreakMike2657d ago

Beautiful paint job man. I am going to wait until my warranty ends and then do some custom stuff to mine.

SOAD2657d ago

aw jeez, you made a dent or smudge on your wall behind the door.

Nice guitar, btw.

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