One Billion Sold: Why Microsoft Xbox Live Has the Best Online Strategy

A forerunner in the online-connected console market, the Microsoft XBox Live service earned more than $1 billion in 2009, according to Bloomberg. Microsoft has had some serious marketing issues with its upcoming Kinect and the recently-deceased Kin One and Two, but the eight-year old XBox 360 online service is now officially the one to emulate.

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MariaHelFutura2597d ago

Because their getting rich charging people to use their own internet, I swear their using some sort of spell.

Cold 20002597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Maybe their isnt a spell...maybe just maybe people pay for Live because they have money and it doesnt bother them paying for it.

There is 25 million Gold accounts according to MS.

25 million people who chose to pay...why does it hurt you guys so much...its not even your money o_0

People waste their money on cigarettes, they're paying money to get lung cancer and die faster. And its not 3$ or 4$ a month....its like 5$ a day.
But I bet you dont give a damn do you cuz it aint MS. For all I know you're a smoker yourself.

Tony-A2597d ago

Actually, only half of the 25 Million members are Gold, so about 12.5 Million are Gold.

sikbeta2597d ago

Or maybe just maybe people pay for Live because they WANT to play On-Line...

25 million people who chose to pay... cos if not, they only have a Console for Single Player use Only....

Shang-Long2597d ago

hate it or love it. its smart and cruel lol

it might suck for some, while others could care less about $50 a year. but online play is a demand.

absolutecarnage2597d ago

where i live its 11.50 a pack, I honestly don't how people can afford to smoke, People who smoke two packs a day is 23.00 ouch, that 675 a month. I rather pay 39.00 dollar on live thanks for a year

candystop2597d ago

If live were free it would still be a better deal than PSN. Sony must have you SOny fanboys tamed or something because if you can't see this as a slaughter towards there free efforts your just lost souls.

Rainstorm812597d ago

XBL is the best online strategy.......for MS

Double Toasted2597d ago

It's the best console online experience...period. Are there any other options out there? Nothing remotely significant. I thought we already been through this. MS will always be ahead, they run this shit, they make the trends, and they set the standards. Follow the leader. Get down or lay down!

DigitalRaptor2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Well it should bother them! Especially when you take into account what Bob Kotick has recently said regarding XBL. If Activision start charging for CoD online and the next consoles all start charging because of the trend people set by paying for XBL, you still think that would still be ok?

mikeslemonade2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I wouldn't say the service is that great, but the thing is Microsoft took advantage of this first. They know if they can hook the consumer they will more than likely have them paying for xbl gold every year. Not many people will stop paying if their friends online continue to pay.

I tired of people trying to defend that xbl gold is worth it. It's just another nickle and diming tactic that you guys are defending. You see Sony offering some kind of premium service now too. It's no different than DLC right now. Now more and more incomplete games are being made because there's people voting "yes" with their dollars for it.

evrfighter2597d ago

even though I'm a pc gamer i have a few xboxlive accounts active. one for me and a couple for my brothers when they come over.

I just cancelled my mmo subscription $15/mo ventrilo server $6/mo and fileplanet $7/mo that I never used anymore yet kept active just cause.

will probably never pay for psn+ though.

IdleLeeSiuLung2597d ago

The market has spoken and it has deemed that whatever value Xbox Live Gold provides, regardless of how YOU think it is worth it or not, is worthy!

I mean after all, 12.5 million people choose the "inferior to PS3" Xbox 360 and willing to pay a subscription fee every month. That tells me that people see value in Live Gold!

You can b!tch and moan about it here, but the 12.5 million people and increasing don't give a squat! They are paying and using it!!!

End of story.

madpuppy2597d ago

you have NO CHOICE but to pay.

I dare anyone to disagree, if you do, Man Up and prove that you play online with your 360 for free rather than cowardly disagreeing.

n4gno2597d ago

...or Just sheep who like mediocrity, or stupid nationalists ;)

Perjoss2597d ago

Live is a great service, I'm sure it takes many people to keep it running as smooth as it does, I'm happy to pay for that, people that complain about Live costing money either dont even own a 360 or need to get a job, It's not like its expensive.

D4RkNIKON2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

One has value that surpasses the subscription cost within the first month. The other charges for features that are free on every other platform to date.

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MariaHelFutura2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I own a 360 cause I love gaming. I don`t really like the 360 though it doesn`t have many games I`m interested in. I`m not a sucker though and I`m not short on money either. XBL is a scam, period.

F**k the PS3, people have playing games on the PC with x-gamechat for year for free with mods which XBL doesn`t allow. Am I missing something?

soxfan20052597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Your argument is like saying oil companies are ripping people off by making them pay for gas to use their own car. After all, someone could travel for free on a bicycle.

Do you really think anyone pays for an internet connection for the sole purpose of playing Xbox Live? The internet is used for many puropses - nobody is being charged by MS to use their own internet.

KonohagakureFC2597d ago

Cant be paying for the net twice.. no browser

Philaroni2597d ago

I just look at XBL as a big MMO and the cheapest one at that. MS are not asking for very much and to date until you can find something that is just as good for free or a lower price it is justified. Like Dishnetwork and Direct TV you can compare, granted you can get a good deal of channels free with a HD antenna its not close to the same. As it stands XBL has no comparison. Even PS+ is hard to compare with anything.

pippoppow2597d ago

@Soxfan.. Actually it's like going to a destination and having to pay a toll one way with more traffic or free another way with less traffic and faster.
Just being charged to play games online. Take any 3rd party game like GTA4 and other multi-platform releases. Free to play online on the PS3 and PC while on the 360 it isn't. Is that fair? Also, why should MS charge for a feature the game makers themselves do not charge extra for. No wonder some are thinking of a multi-player subscription fee. Why let MS make extra money of off their hard work.

It really is amazing how 360 fanatics defend XBL fees. Thry also believe dedicated servers are not needed but when Gears 3 was erroneousness reported to have them it was greeted with excitement. Also if Halo had dedicated servers with 256 players and looked like that war zone like Halo commercial, 360 gamers would probably faint. But then most I guess aren't long time game players especially long time PC gamers, so they don't know any better. What's sad is if MS were to charge as much or more next gen, the same 360 die-hards would support them no matter what.

Godmars2902597d ago

By the logic you're trying to present a Gold account should be able to get onto XBL w/o an active internet provider.

NegativeCreepWA2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

pippoppow, GTA4 uses MS matchmaking servers on the 360 and the ps3 version use servers paid for by rockstar. Like COD games for the ps3 use gamespy servers for matchmaking that are rented and the 360 version is done on Live servers.

People dont understand that MS runs the matchmaking servers for nearly every game on Live while Sony only handles 1st and 2nd party titles making 3rd party devs and indie devs fend for themselves. None of the indie games and most of the arcade games wouldnt have online play if we didnt pay for Live.

Do you think its cheap to handle matchmaking for 12million people, I would like someone to name a company that does that for free.

edit: so ms should just handle everyones matchmaking for free are you that ignorent. Or better yet MS should drop the fee tell all the 3rd party, indie and arcade devs that they have pay for now on, and the ones that dont or cant pay loses online play. That will go over well, the price is well justified considering what MS doing. Untill Sony does the same for free it always will be.

pippoppow2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Fee still not justified. There are adds and micro transaction that more than pay for the service. It's pure greed. Also do you think having dedicated servers is cheap? The ability to play online should be free for all gamers. Those that want the fluff can pay extra for it but online gaming should be free. I could understand if all platforms charged a fee because there was no ther way but that isn't the case.

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BubblesDAVERAGE2597d ago

not people big difference...people have multiple accounts

yippiechicken2597d ago

Do you really think very many people have multiple Gold accounts when each account would need to be paid for?


Kinda like what PSN has..............

killershadow1172597d ago

So you have a bunch of servers set up in your house so people can connect to you? That's right, I didn't think so, keep your comments to yourself.

evrfighter2597d ago

wtf are you talking about?

all you need is a router


PirosThe4th2597d ago

lol... both PSN and STEAM... are free... and they are awesome services...
I got Steam on my PC and owns Live... I would hate that Microsoft takes Games for Windows Live and turns it into with Xbox Live is now...
I would hate to pay for online on pc...

NegativeCreepWA2597d ago

PSN and Steam dont handle matchmaking for all the games on there service like MS does for Live.

COD on PSN and Steam are done with gamespy servers as with many games.

radphil2597d ago

@Scar 360WA

Then explain how I can host a server directly from my computer for TF2 without the use of gamespy, cause I'm doing it.