The BitBag Review: Transformers War For Cybertron

Jon Sitzman from The BitBag writes, "Though it’s not the most-hyped game to come out recently, chances are you’ve heard about Transformers: WFC as its due date has approached. The biggest initial question in everyone’s mind was almost certainly whether a Transformers-licensed game could be genuinely good, and how true would it be to the source material. Developer High Moon took on an ambitious project with WFC: pleasing Transformers fans and making a worthwhile game. How did they do? Well, as frequently happens, our review is coming out after those of several other print and online publications, so you probably already know that WFC is receiving a generally favorable impression. This said, is it a game you should buy? Really the question only applies to Transformers non-fans, since the fans no doubt already have bought it."

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OOG3081d ago

The review is pretty long and detailed.. game seems to be pretty good overall... I personally only got to play the demo and wasn't too big of a fan but ill have to try it again because the co op etc that I have read about etc sounds fun.

RoX_TimE_BomB3080d ago

yeah good review... ive heard great things about this game especially how the story line works etc... i must try and buy this game sometime soon..... maybe beast wars next? lol that would be intense lol