DualShock 3 Controller Dock Deal: $3 with Free Shipping

Deals site is offering an unbelievable sale price for a 2 Port USB DualShock 3 Docking station. The reported original price of this item is $30, but with a ridiculous savings of 91%, you can get it now for less than $3.

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Trexman893081d ago

I've been wanting to get one of these for a long time, but i never wanted to shell out the thirty bucks for it.

Sev3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Oh, I remember you asking about Dualshock 3 deals, the guy down the bottom reminded me, here is that link you were asking about:

Trexman893081d ago

Thanks for the link! that'll save me a few bucks

ftwrthtx3081d ago

1 for me and 1 for a friend.

Death24943081d ago

just placed an order for myself

wolfehound223081d ago

Awesome deal. I picked one up right away.

kratos1233081d ago

damn you people in the usa we never get such a sweet deal here in the eu

jdktech20103081d ago

Can you guys that ordered let me know if you got one by private message or however? I'm always interested if that site is legit. Deals seem way too good for the company to not be sketchy

darkequitus3081d ago

There are a lot of complaints floating around.


Sev3081d ago

Yeah, I certainly wouldn't recommend buying a PC or console at this place.

I know I've wasted $3 plenty of times before.

Losing $3 isn't much of a gamble.

TheMART3081d ago

lol mate its 3 dollars you can get f*cked for, including shipment.

You could earn these 3 bucks during the time you typed the message...

vickers5003081d ago

from one of the comments explaining why they are so cheap -
I have ordered lots of items from, and I've always been pleased with my purchases. I think everyone should understand what they are dealing with in these true daily deal sales sites. This web site does not inventory products. This is not a typical business. If you want a typical purchasing experience, go to a typical web store, and pay typical retail prices. works out a deal with a vendor, puts the sale up for 24 hours, and at the close of the sale THEN they place the purchase order for exactly how many products they sold. This allows them to sell products very cheap, because they don't have to inventory what they offer. The trade offs are: 1.You won't receive your products quickly. It has to be shipped to them before they can package it and ship it to you. Expect it to take between 1 and 3 weeks to get your product. 2. The web opperators at never actually see the product they are going to sell to you until a few days AFTER they sell it to you! That means, if their vendor screws them over, you may not get exactly what was shown on the site. I work in the .com industry (not for one of these sites) and i think this sales model is an excellent use of technology and communication to make sales and move products far below the average retail prices.

However, you must always remember that in choosing to take advantage of these drastic discounts, you incure a good deal of risk. Don't expect the same kind of service and security you get when shopping full price retail sites. Certainly, based on the other reviews on this site, it seems that could do a better job with customer service. But even after hearing these negative stories, i will continue to shop with them, realizing that I am running a risk, but accepting the risk in light of those amazing prices!

wolfehound223081d ago

I've ordered through them on a few occasions and have never had a problem. If your worried just use paypal.

jdktech20103081d ago

Just for the record...I'm not interested in this but other things they have had on their....I first off wnat ot make sure it's not just a scam for details like address, etc.

Just curious...thanks for the comments

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