Where Should Grand Theft Auto Go Next?

Andrew Reiner: "We know that Rockstar North is developing Agent, the PlayStation 3 exclusive title announced two years ago at E3. It doesn't take an industry analyst to tell you that a second team at Rockstar North is also working on a new Grand Theft Auto title, presumably Grand Theft Auto V.

For the last two console generations, we've seen appearances of Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. So far, in this console generation, we've only seen Liberty City, but there have been hints of Vice City. Will Rockstar continue recycling the same locales for this generation, or will the series branch off in a new direction? Personally, I wouldn't mind returning to a sun-soaked setting, but at the same time, it would be interesting to see what Rockstar would offer outside of what we've already seen.

So, where do you see the series going next? Do you want more of the same, or would you rather see Rockstar North dive into new territory?"

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Yi-Long3083d ago

.. or another modern asian city, either fictional or based on a real one!

Natsu X FairyTail3083d ago

Yeah they could go to an asian city but alot of people would make comparisons with the new True Crime. They could make a GTA in New orleans or Baltimore. Them spots Gutta as hell. or like that guy said. Come to canada Toronto and Montreal Gets it in.

Hideo_Kojima3083d ago

I want it in London because I am from there.

PoSTedUP3083d ago

New York!! jk i am bias. philly philly philly of course.

i wouldnt mind FL again tho, scarface for reeeaal.

PhantomT14123083d ago

Tokyo, or something based on it!

C0MPUT3R3083d ago

The whole comedy angle of GTA is making fun of american culture.
Vice City next.

NecrumSlavery3083d ago

Detroit in the winter of 2020. This adds a bit of technology which would open up some fiction, but not to alien, just slightly futuristic. That region of America has city, suburbs, country, and gorgeous locals. Every GTA has ethnicity to mix in. Detroit has an extremely large Mexican and Arab population. Also Canadians would fit well. Taking place during a snow storm, would open up new elements, allowing for dynamic weather and new driving challenges. Winter also brings Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah/Chanukah, Kwanzaa themes, and a of course the story could end up finaleing during New Years.

Other interesting locations would be Baltimore, Ireland, London, Thailand, and Egypt

Shang-Long3083d ago

multi places.

start out in a poor city in the USA. then expand business to an uptown district. then head to one or two places in euro. go to japan and a south american country.

travel by plane. boat car.

NecrumSlavery3083d ago

Where ever they go, please add the drug dealing ad wanted systems from Chinatown Wars. Crashing cops and selling heroin was brilliantly evil

ReservoirDog3163083d ago

I bet you all a million dollars GTA V will be in London or something near it. Play TBoGT. I hints heavily at London. Even Lazlow says he'll be able to broadcast worldwide through the internet.

All that aside though, I think somewhere in Russia would be cool. I don't think anyone's through that out there yet.

Dee_913083d ago

vice city or san andreas
either way it goes il be happy
i dont want a concrete jungle like liberty city
i want trees,land like rdr and beaches and hoods with gangs

Yi-Long3083d ago

True Crime is by Activision. There's no way it will be able to be as good as GTA by the Rockstar boys!

From what I've seen from True Crime, it doesn't seem impressive at all. It just doesn't look and feel like Hong Kong, judged by the footage and screens we've seen so far, the main character is bland, gameplay looks last-gen, and it will certainly not have the great writing or the brilliant soundtrack that GTA games have!

I've been to Hong Kong a bunch of times now. It's 80% GREEN! There are gorgeous hills, parks, forests, harbours, etc etc.

It's the absolute perfect setting for a GTA game, with 3 distinctly different 'islands' (New Territories & Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and Lantau Island (airport, lots of nature, temple, buddha))

Also, asian culture has everything you would want for a GTA-game: You have the whole cinematic 'culture' to spoof, you have great music and a distinct celebrity entertainment industry you can easily make fun of. You have temples, clans, families, gangs, triads, foreign business, western influences, chinese influences, lots of different small islands, all kinds of transport, etc etc.

It would absolutely be the perfect open world playground for a game like GTA! It's an amazing place to visit and it has absolutely everything.

AngryTypingGuy3082d ago

And instead of stealing cars, you would steal gondolas.

inveni03082d ago

Honestly, with all the great PS3 games coming out, GTA is the last thing on my mind.

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MariaHelFutura3083d ago

Canada and more importantly Ontario.

Have Mounties and sh!t like that.

*Achievement Unlocked*

Shoot 50 Mounties and Pick 50 Cobs of Corn.

Natsu X FairyTail3083d ago

Crime rate is lower in otario lmao. Montreal gets it in Way more. Bring GTA there.

MariaHelFutura3083d ago

GTA:Halifax, GTA:Missisauga, GTA:PEI, GTA: Quebec, GTA: Arva (some rural sh!t) would all be awesome.

Why o why3083d ago

theres crime in canada......oh...jay walking ;)

snipermk03083d ago

it shud go to India. LOL..

Galaxia3083d ago

Just continue the Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas process and all will be happy.

Imperator3083d ago

If it's on the 360, I'm simply renting it. I won't buy unless it's PS3 or PC exclusive. I'm tired of 360 gimping games.

TheLastGuardian3083d ago

Please tell me this game has been in developement since GTA 4's release. I can't wait but I doubt it will be called GTA V. The game will probably be called GTA: new city/state name here or GTA: Vice City 2 or GTA: San Andreas 2011.

Shang-Long3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

no repeat of a city already done

Quagmire3083d ago

Grand Theft Auto V

V = Vice City

Henceforth, Grand Theft Auto (V)ice City

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Darkstorn3083d ago

Most of Rockstar's social commentary is at the expense of American audiences (and that's definitely their strong suit, however I'd like to see what they could do with a major European city. Copenhagen? Vienna? Prague?

Rockstar would then have to stereotype their fellow Europeans.

alphakennybody3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

south-africa johannesburg or sao paulo, perfect settings. From the gutter town life to the city life.

mrv3213083d ago

That could be very interesting, a colonised Mars in which you arrive as a middle class businessman after being processed by the regional government you soon go to your jobs which is a accountant the police plant drugs in your apartment as you discover some missing money by the government. You are forced to go into hiding into the lawless areas of the city know as the slums in which the people from different nationalities from Earth have set up shop to sell drugs and guns. The guns are pretty average, you have some more futurisitic weapons like the Striker, the main advancement are the electric cars and aircraft. Your goal is to clear your name and support the opposition of the leader of the government.

That could be an interesting thing and justify stuff like how to cannot leave the city.

Arnon3083d ago

lol'd pretty hard. Bub's+

mrv3213083d ago

Red Faction plus Batman plus a modern Conspiracy film.

If that didn't sell you on the idea I really don't know what much more I can do.

Kingdom Come3083d ago

Vice City seem's about right, its been too long, I would however enjoy a Liberty Citybased title again. (I think its the best GTA Location)