Playstation 3: The Best Console Ever

Lets just start off by saying that the ps3 is a two for one deal. Not only to you get a great gaming system, you also get a blu ray player built right into it.

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mrv3212905d ago

It's going to get hot in here.

darkcharizard2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

NES is the best console ever. Followed by Wii or PS2.

The guy who wrote the article doesn't have any valid points. And he doesn't care to substantiate them.

In his 1st para, he doesn't seem to know about the new 250GB Xbox 360.

In his 2nd para, he's saying PS3 is the best console ever because it's also a blu-ray player.

In the 3rd para he doesn't explain anything, and writes "Most games it actually looks like a movie." ..... lmao!

SoapShoes2905d ago

Wii, one of the best consoles? I wouldn't put it anywhere near one of the best and I'd put the GameCube way ahead of the Wii.

deadreckoning6662905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Well, its either PS3 or Dreamcast for me. I'm not gunna choose though. There both epic in their own ways.

The best console ever is subjective and any one who attempts to turn opinion into fact regarding this matter is a fool. If anything, the best "console" ever is the PC since without it..we wouldn't have any other consoles. PC is also the console MOST people in the world own.

ico922905d ago

"NES is the best console ever. Followed by Wii or PS2."

replace Wii with SNES, add the PS1 and Dreamcast.

yess2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

I don't think the PS3 is the best consol ever, but the PS1/2/3 is the best series ever.
They have evolved in a stylies way and have delivered god games to the gamers, and will continue for a long time.

Game on

Shadow Flare2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

If its down to game library, for me it would be the psone, because of games like Final Fantasy 7, 8, Metal Gear Solid 1, Gran Turismo, Abe's Oddysee and tons more that are just classics. But if we're talking hardware, there's simply no question. The PS3 is the best console ever created. Its the most advanced console in every way, and when you think of the amount of things it can do...sorry to use the old adage but, it really does do everything. It wipes the floor with the other consoles in terms of the things it can do

HolyOrangeCows2905d ago

I think I might still put Ps2 above PS3, but the Ps3 is certainly getting there.

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knightdarkbox2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )


PS3 by very far, there is a reason why the machine cost around $299, no one invested as much in a console as Sony and it has been proven that this is the most expensive machine ever built in any gaming generation.

Information Minister2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Neo Geo.

EDIT - I take it back. In 1993, the 3DO retailed for $699. That would be well over $1000 today.

SoSLy2905d ago

worth every penny my friend

FACTUAL evidence2905d ago

Yeah...pretty much, i mean it only does everything...

EvilBlackCat2905d ago

THIS site is 99% all about Xbox360 vs PS3 and xbox360 games vs PS3 games.



*Grabbing the Cookies* (I ran out of Popcorns in the other Article).

J-Smith2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

PlayStation 3: The Best Console Ever - YES

PlayStation 2: The Best Console Ever - YES

PlayStation 1: The Best Console Ever - YES

Natsu X FairyTail2905d ago

PS2 would make more sense the library is larger and all. but yeah if the ps3 goes in the same path It's mos def gon get there.

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Tony-A2905d ago

Camel Case, people, Camel Case!!

It's PlayStation, not "Playstation"

lonix2905d ago

camelCase would make it playStation

Omega42905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

Yep right after than PS2 and 360

Edit: Nope just making sure people don't mix facts with this guys opinion

I wouldn't call the real world small, and feel free to report will just prove that the truth is hurting you

saint_john_paul_ii2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

someone's butthurt.

Edit: yea, he's butthurt, and just lost it.

mrv3212905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )


Don't comment, report and leave him to live in his little world.

Shadow Flare2905d ago

geez, if i got that many disagrees day in, day out, i would've taken the hint by now

pixelsword2905d ago

Omega has the right to his opinion, but he often goes (very) wrong when he tries to exert his opinion as fact.

Anorexorcist2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

You always proof yourself to be a biased, stupid fanboy.

The "truth" that supports your opinion is never "hurting", but the truth that is always supporting Sony's side that IS always "hurting" you, you always contest.

So STFU, and don't try to portray yourself as something that you are not: A F'n MS Fanboy!!!!

moparful992905d ago

A console with 30-50% failure rate automatically disqualifies the 360..

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dktxx22905d ago

Not even close. PS2/SNES, PS1/NES, gameboy. im sure there are plenty of other consoles worth mentioning as great, but not one from this generation of consoles is great.

saint_john_paul_ii2905d ago

well, this is why no one should approve of articles like:

"PS3 is the best console ever"

"360 is the best console ever"

"Wii is the best console ever"

especially when this gen is not even over yet. all three consoles have not proved their worth yet. this is just flamebait.

pippoppow2905d ago

PS1,PS2,NES,SNES and Genesis are pretty much the uncrackable five.

Current gen consoles should never be discussed in a best ever article but I do think they can be on a top 10-15 consoles list. I'd say the PS3 is better than the game cube, dreamcast and others even at this time in it's life cycle. It has enough high quality games, especially exclusives and functionality to crack the top 10 but not the top 5.

hybridtheory122905d ago

LOL. Who approved this? Its one of the best this GEN. EVER is taking it too far.