PS Plus-Not an Xbox Live, Not Even Close

PS3Center- Games usually look better on PS3, the features are usually better, and the fanboys are normally correct. However this doesn’t mean we(PS3Center) dont have heads on our shoulders that think otherwise at times. PlayStation Plus is one of these times, and just like Sony’s E3 conference, it’s not very impressive.

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MariaHelFutura2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

No it`s not, you actually get something with PSN+

XBL allows you to use your internet connection, don`t get it twisted.

PoSTedUP2595d ago

it ISNT an XBL, it is not suppose to be. PSN+ offers value for your money for tangible things like games and content. XBL offers value for your money with, umm, i guess... what ever your opinion is on how it offers value for your money : ).

Merivigian2595d ago

"PSN+ offers value for your money for tangible..." let me stop ya there. Can you personally hold a downloaded game? No? Well.. how about that free PS3 theme? No!? What? Well what about that DLC? Not that either? Oh okay.. but I'm sure there are a lot more tangible things PSN+ offers, right? Good!

morganfell2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

PS+. Out motto? "We're optional!" Or how about, "PS+, paying for the purchase price in the first week with free games!" There are numerous choices that all signal the value in PS+.

Xbox Live. Our motton? "Charging you twice for the internet you already own!"

SSKILLZ2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )


and on XBL how much of the stuff that it offers is worth buying besides having cross game chat which is part of what you get when you subscribe, also having online which is some thing PSN users get FREE.

PS Plus is just a nice bonus and most of the stuff offered in XBL are being matched by the ever expanding PSN service and if we don't have it mow will have it sooner or later.

kneon2595d ago

It's silly to compare PSN+ with XBox live. In it's current state PSN+ is mainly just a content subscription service, it has almost nothing in common with Live. Go ahead and compare PSN and Live, but PSN+ is something else, at least for now.

PoSTedUP2594d ago

i was going to re-phrase that but left it because im sure yall know what i meant. but oh, thanks for ever so proving me wrong Mr. Dictionary, and thanks for the lesson (for the people who didn't know what tangible meant.)

Dee_912594d ago

because it just came out a few weeks ago

Spydiggity2594d ago

it doesn't matter what Sony does, it's a god send. and it doesn't matter what ms does, it's the devil at work.

why even keep trying to have this discussion? let the ps3 guys have a 1 sided conversation with themselves. then they'll be happy, and the rest of the gamers don't have to waste their time being baffled at such blind, pointless support.

Anon19742594d ago

PSN+ is all about content, from it's free games to it's video magazine. Compare PSN and Xbl if you will, but PSN+ isn't supposed to be XBL. XBL you pay fees to game online, PSN+ you pay for extra content.

As for the rest of this article, I found it rambling mess. I can't even figure out point the author is trying to make. "Can you imagine if you had to pay for Home?" "It will be an amazing service and have a lot to offer PS3 gamers in the future, but I’m focused on now."

What the hell is this author even talking about? I purchased PSN+ and I've got a helluva lot of content now. WipeoutHD, fun little mini's, discounts on games I'd been eying up for some time and Qore.

What a mess this article is.

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Shang-Long2595d ago

psn plus your paying for extra stuff
xbox live your paying for stuff that should be free already.

so hes right they arent even close

StanLee2594d ago

Games usually look better on PS3. WRONG.
The features are usually better. WRONG, again!
The fanboys are normally correct. Wrong. Wow, 3 for 3, impressive.

Spydiggity2594d ago

Stan, it's only wrong if you are capable of rational thought. which is exactly why when this flamebait article has come and gone, you'll have way fewer agrees than disagrees.

n4gno2594d ago

Only in your dreams stan lee, but te facts is :

- not a single game on xbox can compete with uncharted, killzone, etc graphics = facts.

- features ? bluray, internet brower, vidzone, home, bluetooth, etc etc = fact.

- for the fanboyz, you are right...but the only one here, are the blind xbox fanboyz in denial/delusional state.

sikbeta2595d ago

"PS Plus-Not an Xbox Live, Not Even Close... PS+ is an OPTIONAL Service and don't Charge to Play On-Line"

That would be a Better Title...

GreenRingOfLife2595d ago

Playing online is optional as well

cjflora2595d ago

Way to use that one bubble there Green...way to go.

Philaroni2595d ago


Dude nice call, I was thinking the same thing, the act of desperation from Green is always a sweet one for us on N4G.

But anyway, best to look at PS+ as like a best buy rewards card if anything. Not the best example but it works, or a Sams Club member. It very much will benefit the PS3 user who is very active like myself. XBL is very much great in its own right as well. I kind of like the divide atm between the two.

badz1492594d ago

a single bubble for the single most DUMBEST comment of the day! good job!

JustTheFactsMr2594d ago

"Playing online is optional as well"

2 bad paying $30 instead of $60 for half a game isn't.

n4gno2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

"not even close" is so ridiculous..(for psn, just a +)

ridiculous like love daddy, ik i kr ip, and others troll fanboyz, who are lying to others, and themself : "ps3 collecting dust", "without rrod, sony would not have a gaming division today" and other funny statement from xbox owners, who don't own a ps3...every single gamer i know, who have bought a ps3, after 360, say "online, better/dedicated servers, xmb = better, less cheap style, + bluray, + better games, so don't try to invent, not a single ps3 player will buy a xbox, if they don't already have one)

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Shadow Flare2595d ago

well whatever psn+ is, i've seen no value in it. I already own all the games that i wanted to own, so when i saw the list of free games i could get if i signed up, i couldn't see any point. The only good thing i see about subscribing is the free game trials. But that isn't enough for me. So in my case, psn+ is just pointless. They really need to add some better features

MariaHelFutura2595d ago

I own all the stuff too, so I haven`t got it yet. All I know is for the GT5 and LBP2 DLC I`m gonna be all over this service.

specialguest2595d ago

Furthermore, PSN Plus to me is like paying for a coupon book. Aside from that, it doesn't add any new value to my online gaming experience.

Shadow Flare2595d ago

lol you put it really well specialguest. That's exactly what psn+ seems like to me too. A coupon book. I want features, not discounts. Some things i'd want to see are being able to play my own music in EVERY game, video recording your own gameplay, a far better web browser (google chrome) and just fixing stupid little things like not having to quit the game to turn off notification messages, and being able to go to the xmb in-game while playing psone games. I'd pay for that, because those are features. Not a little coupon booklet

TrailerParkSupervisr2595d ago

I, for one, do buy a lot of PSN games and whatnot so this was a no-brainer. But, if I am low on cash and I cannot afford it for a month or so after my subscription expires, I can still play online and that is the core reason I have and Internet connection, anyway.

And once the cross game chat hits, I's well worth what I pay.

And just to clarify this cross game chat thing: People keep saying, "Why do I want to talk to my mate who is playing some other game when I am trying to focus on the one I am playing???"

Well, I, for one, will use it as a party feature. I will get 4 of my friends into chat, we will jump into BF or whatever and be able to talk to each other the whole time and actually stratagize and NOT have to listen to all the dumbasses out there yelling and screaming and rapping and shit.

tplarkin72595d ago

Someone who actually uses Xbox Live can give an honest comparison to PSN. And, this is coming from a PS site.

NewZealander2594d ago

i think both xbox gold and psn+ are just a way to milk the consumer.

xbox gold gives you online play, twitter and facebook, halo waypoint, discounts, early access to demos and betas, and a load of other useless stuff.

psn+ gives you what basically amounts to rental games as long as you keep paying for the service, discounts, full game trials (thats actually a rather good idea) early access to demos and betas, automatic downloads (this should be free anyway)

so one service uses online play as its main selling point, the other tempts with free-ish games, at the end of the day you are paying for the content anyway.

i refuse to pay for either service, i spend more then enough money buying dlc and other content so theres no way im paying for overpriced services that should be free in the first place.

infamous-butcher2594d ago

PSN is ment to be the competitor to Xbox Live, PSN+ is a sourse of revenue for sony which benifets both sides. Consumers pay £35 and get shitload of stuff they want (or they wouldnt have payed for if they didnt see they would wanted anything in the package) and Sony get £35 from everyone who wants it (then - the costs for all the money they lose to the publishers and devs of the content)

iPad2594d ago

The only REAL difference between Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network is how you can connect with people on Xbox LIVE.

On Xbox LIVE, you can join peoples' sessions when they aren't your FRIENDS. You can invite them to your party even if they are NOT on your friends list. You can invite them to your Private Chat Party even if they are NOT in your friends list. You can view their friends. And that's what makes Xbox LIVE better. And in my opinion, I repeat IN MY OPINION is the selling point of Xbox LIVE.

But still, I'm not gonna pay just to play online.

tinybigman2594d ago

its optional no one is forcing you to buy it. i bought it because it makes more sense for me. no reason to bitch and moan about it.

IgnorantRabbit2594d ago

Lets see what you get from both

Deals on Weekly Bases- Both Have that
Demos- PSN+ Have 1 hour long ones that take hours to download(6.9gigs).
Patches- Takes secounds for 360 to download them even major ones. PS3 2-3 min
Online- You is free on PS3 if it wasnt i wouldnt of got it. 360 50 bucks but your online and cross game chat makes it more worth it.

I love my PS3 and I love how its free for online. But I use my 360 to talk with my friends on PS3(We all have 360's). Why? Because its convenient to talk to people as your playing another game.

For me I will not be getting Plus it is not worth it. The games that are free I could care less about. For others they love it.

Garnett2594d ago

PSN+ you get discounts, with XBLG you get superior online play.