10 Reasons to Buy a New Xbox 360 Slim

The Xbox Slim is due for release in the UK on 16/07/2010, it is expected that this new version of the Xbox 360 will replace the current models.

So what are the advantages of the new Xbox 360 Slim?

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Dylantalon13080d ago ShowReplies(5)
MaximusPrime3080d ago

1.good for non-bluray movie watchers

2. come in handy for playing with heavy lag. i prefer wired connection

3. damn i went over 250gb. no removable HDD? damn

4. no comments on that. nice looking console. nice to have black colour (similar to PS2/PS3)

5. good. no comments on that.

6. see number 4

7. good job

8. remind me after you play a solid 10 hours.

9. good news. no objection to that

10. o....k

Merivigian3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Uh the original xbox was black? The 360 was black? Uh.. your list has no point? PS3 slim has no removable HDD? No. 1 Has nothing to do with the 360 slim, it's a preference for how you play your consoles?

ActionBastard3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

The PS3 slim does have a removable HDD. If you own a Slim, shouldn't you know that?

EDIT: SOAD, take a break from smelling your own farts, you're starting to think you matter.

stephmhishot3080d ago

Funny, I could've sworn I just put a 640GB hard drive into my PS3!

SOAD3080d ago

You play games for 10 hours straight?

Remind me when you get your life in order. This goes for all of you.

Lombax3080d ago

You act like you've never spent the weekend gaming...

R2D23080d ago

I love gaming but how the hell can some one play vidoe games for 10 HRS?

So you wake up in the morning turn your PC/Console on and grab a pop tart and a red bull then start the 10 Hrs gaming marathon - pee in your redbull empty can - continue to play game - call mom to bring you a slice of pizza and some corn dogs with a mountain dew on the side - play more games - pee in mountain dew can - play more games - call mom to bring you bag of doritos with some cheese dip - play more games - pee in cheese dip can and continue this process until you hit 10 hrs. Wow the human body is amazing!!!

hiredhelp3080d ago

11 give it 30min open it up cook a egg on it.nice breakfast

Merivigian3080d ago

I don't think I'm going to get one. I already have a 250g Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360, and it's working just fine. The only reason I got a PS3 slim is because I didn't have one in the first place.

mrv3213080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

All those reason are either

Things the PS3 does or did and learned from it ( The glossy black finish gets dusty QUICK )


Things that where wrong with the original. It would really have sucked to have recently bought a 360.

EDIT: Complete list

1. The noise levels of this console have been greatly reduced, with Microsoft claiming this console to be whisper quiet. This definitely makes a difference when playing games, watching movies or listening to music. ( A flaw with the original 360 )

2. This new console includes built in wireless network, so there is no longer any requirement to purchase a separate dongle, this will save money and ensure you can start playing online without delay. ( PS3 has this and Wii and PSP and I believe PSP. Also the purchasing dongle bit is a flaw with the original )

3. Storage capacity is now a massive 250gb, so there is plenty of space to store games, videos, music,demos, etc.( PS3 already does it, the limited space was also a flaw with the original 360 )

4. The size of the new Xbox 360 is significantly reduced. This console is now a similar size to the PS3 slim.

5. The console is also much lighter than its predecessor.

6. The new Xbox 360 sports a nice new black glossy livery, which certainly looks very nice and more appealing than the white Xbox. ( PS3 did this, the design of the old one according the author is a flaw )

7. The console now includes 5 USB ports (2 at the front and 3 at the back) together with a AUX port for connecting the Kinect control system.

8. Besides operating quieter, the new Xbox keeps much cooler thanks to the improved cpu and fans. ( A problem with the original which was over heating )

9. Reduce energy consumption whilst performing just as quickly thanks to the improved micro chips.

10. Nice touch sensitive buttons with audible feedback are just the icing on the cake. ( PS3 also did this )

SO how am I wrong?

NeloAnjelo3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I agree with all this... yet i get called troll for saying get a ps3. all those features the PS3 lauched with. I have a 360. Why pay to get another one? I traded in to get an elite, afer having to a get a wireless dongle, now what? spend more? The only people who should get this are new 360 owners.

Most gamers will already be online, and spent money getting there. this is just milking the hardcore. I still have a lauch PS3.

JAMurida3080d ago

If the rumors about it not RRoDing like the previous ones are true, then maybe I would pick one up for myself. Then again, the only games I would really play is Phantasy Star Universe and FFXI on it..

Lombax3080d ago

The new 360S can't RRoD, but it can RDoD and RBoD.

Just sayin' ;)

moparful993080d ago

Well intial reports are that instead of red ringing the sytems shuts itself off to prevent damage.. Also sadly there are a bunch of videos on youtube that indicate that the red ring or as it's now known red dot of death still exists.. Why microsoft can't fix this I can't understand.. It's quite sad really..

JAMurida3079d ago

No biggie for me really, just means money saved on my part.

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