Top Ten Super Special Moves

TGZ gives there top ten special moves in gaming past. See what made the list and why.

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MK_Red3949d ago

Awesome find. Anything with Mortal Kombat is welcomed in my book. Nut-cracker FTW!

Marceles3949d ago

The Fireball, Dragon Punch, Psycho Crusher, Flash Kick...some kind of Street Fighter move should've made the list

cooke153949d ago

Ahhh those are pretty standard affair :)

Omegasyde3949d ago

Lame. Not even a mention of a dragon ball move.. Let alone the nutcracker was cool, but the shadow upper cut w/ sound was way better. Not even a Sonic boom or any mention of any of super cool moves in Guilty Gear or Marvel vs Capcom?

Even scorpion (MK) spear fatalities deserved to be above #7.

cooke153949d ago

Lol, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Mecha1053949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I'm surprised Scorpion's spear didn't make it on the list. I bet everyone loved to do that with a following uppercut in the first MK, especially with him saying "GET OVER HERE!"

LeonSKennedy4Life3948d ago

None of yoshimitsu's moves made it on there?

Wheels of hell wasn't good enough for you???

ItsDubC3948d ago

Ya, I would've thought Yoshimitsu's hari-kiri would make the list. I give mad props to anyone who plays as Yoshimitsu and manages to kill their opponent w/ that (and kill themselves at the same time). Anyway, glad Kuma/Panda's fart made the list but I think King's rolling deathcradle should've made it. That move'll take an opponent from 100% to about 15%.

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