LeBron James through the years in video games

A look back at the former Cavalier and now Super Team member through the years in his many video games appearances.

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Valay3082d ago

My opinion of LeBron lowered about 99% over the past week.

Bgibbs3082d ago

I live in a suburb of Cleveland, think about how I feel

Biggest3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I've been a die-hard Eagles fan for as long as I can remember. After watching what happened to Donovan McNabb I am happy for LeBron. After watching what happened to LT in San Diego I am happy for LeBron. After watching what happened to Favre in Green Bay I am happy for LeBron. I hope Carmelo Anthony gets to shop around as well. Athletes should have more control over their lives. Owners and fans only care about themselves.

Edit: @Pope

That's kind of the point. You can't win it by yourself. A few have tried. None have succeeded. Barkley failed. Iverson failed. Wilt failed. Kobe failed. Jordan failed. Humbling yourself and accepting help is the only way.

Natsu X FairyTail3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Haters gon hate! It's all about getting that ring. There's so much u can do for 1 team but sometimes you have to think for yourself and that's what lebron did when he joined the Heat.It's all about getting to the paper aswell. Lebron finna touch heavy chash this year in miami.

Miami got next.

EDIT @ dktxx2: how the hell is there people that dont understand what Got next mean?cmon now. use your logic fool

Commonly used in sports, too, such as at a basketball court. Related is "got last," which means that the person has the game available after whatever group(s) have currently has called next.

So when i tell you MIAMI GOT NEXT It means they'Re the next ones to win the championship god damn.

EDIT 2 @ dktxx2: I'm using english you fool Anybody who plays basketball would understand what i'm saying. you probably dont even care about basketball so why did you click the story? You're probably better on the ice and playing NHL .

EDIT @ Pope. There's noway a man can win a ring by himself though(EXCEPT FOR JORDAN). It's all about having a good numbers of big players. Just look at The Los angeles Lakers. It took them a few years to get back on point with kobe and the other stars like Fisher and Odom and now they're the best team out there.

dktxx23082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

wtf are you trying say? miami got next?

use english fool

saint_john_paul_ii3082d ago

yea, getting that ring with help of other superstars.....

evrfighter3082d ago

Except Miami is Dwayne Wade's team.

LeChoke just took himself out of the running as one of the greats. They should win a ring and if not they become the laughingstock of the NBA.

Ri0tSquad3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

LeBron is Wade's sidekick now and no longer the king. Kind of feel bad for him. Most of his former fans are now praying for his downfall, lol. But I understand the motive for him not sticking around. Cleveland has failed to surround Lebron with the right players to get a ring for 7 years, so I don't blame him for leaving and finding the right team.

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jeenyus3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Who cares about this fool on a gaming news site.

Dellis3082d ago

Lebron is bigger then the NBA, face it he just became the
Hollywood Hogan of the NBA he loves that you hate him now that he is part of the NWO.

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The story is too old to be commented.