Top 10 Mega Man Bosses

The Ten Best Mega Man Bosses of all time.

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DDP2689d ago

Excellent list. Mega Man 2 and 3 were definitely the best two Mega Man games. Although, I do wish Metal Man was #1.

BaronBullion2689d ago

I disagree. The original was the best. All the other ones were too easy. Plus I hated Rush, and that idiot Proto Man.

PrimordialSoupBase2689d ago

Metal Man should most DEFINITELY be #1. And wherez HARD man????

tinydancer2689d ago

Hard Man? Are you kidding me? He would be on a top 10 most boring bosses

Walternate2689d ago

Haha...Great idea for a list. I only wish it was a top 20...

Stoneroses63002689d ago

How about a top 50 Walternate! Ass

Optimus Prime12689d ago

Pharaoh Man was always my favorite.

Big City2689d ago

Does this count Mega Man X bosses? If so, why aren't there any on the list?! Hm....

UnSelf2689d ago

what about Double from x4?

Beaver Fly!!!

destructomaximo2689d ago


Q-U-I-C-K M-A-N!!!!! (especially ahead of Wood Man???)

Otherwise, good list.

Heroic Janitor2689d ago

Yeah, Wood Man over Quick Man is mystifying, especially since the rest of the list is so spot on...

Oh well...

ChickeyCantor2688d ago

AM i the only one who sees something wrong with both names in one sentence?

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The story is too old to be commented.