PS3 Value Increases After Price Drop

A before and after look at how the PS3's value has increased do the the price drop in early July.

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bung tickler3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

this guy needs to go back to school to learn how to make proper graphs and how to plot points and lines.

im not saying ANYTHING relating to the value of the PS3 here just so the fanboys don't attack me but really, that graph is garbage.

RadientFlux3732d ago

yeah the graph does suck... I can design a better graph while half asleep, because I've actually designed a better graph while half asleep. Ah deadlines

PS360PCROCKS3732d ago

Oh thank god I am not an idiot! I was looking at that and I was dumbfounded and all I could muster was "huh" whew k good. lol that was such a sh!tty graph.

Ju3732d ago

While the text reads smart, it totally lacks of any specific information. It amazes me, how much text one can put around no content. The "VALUE" has not been defined or specified. It also does not explain how the "VALUE" is measured. Is that customer perception ? If so, how do you measure that ? Also, he explains BluRay, but ignores the fact that other feature also add value (Card reader, WiFi), which might not be as high, but he concludes BD with an analysis of the current HD market. We all know, going BD was a risk - but one which is planed thru-out the live cycle of a console, which might be up to ten years and put this investment into another relation. That said, the BD in the PS3 cannot be evaluated with the same measures you would use to take a look at the (new) HD market.
Whatever, PS3 sells - even inn vertical markets :)

power of Green 3732d ago

If thats Offensive ^^^ I'm sorry...

What happends when the clearance is over?, i know the momentum will still be up somewhat reguardless of the end of the Clearance and the hype of new games but will that be enough to compete with all companies having great games this XMAS?.

What if Wii dropped its price and killed MSFT and Soneeeee killing two birds with one stone. lol J/K

ASSASSYN 36o3732d ago

Pretty Graphs dur! pretty colors. Yeagh, this is a poorly drawn graph. I have seen 7th graders capable or formulating a better representation of product advancement and decline.

junk563732d ago

did u do that on paint?

RadientFlux3732d ago

um another note, why is the original xbox higher on the graph then the wii. Wouldn't the value be higher for a game system that developers are actually making games for?

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The story is too old to be commented.