Kinect: Leet's hands-on report

How does it play? Is the sensor accurate? Is it better than PlayStation Move? Leet Games Blog tried Kinect out on Yoostar 2, an upcoming game that puts players in famous movie scenes.

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Bigpappy3080d ago

That question does not need to be addressed. With the casuals, Kinet will be prefer at this point, and with hardcore Move will win at this point. What this is about, is which one will give their respective console more growth? I know some of you think sale are un-important. All I could say to those of you is that you are wrong. Most people that tryed connect hard the same reaction this blogger had: This is different and works as it should.

MorganX3080d ago

Both platforms have their hardcore markets hook line and sinker. Growth will come from which one can steal more of the Nintendkids.

Dom_Sacco3079d ago

For some readers, and especially those who haven't played either Move or Kinect, I'm sure there are many out there who'd like to know an honest opinion about which system is better. For buyers who can only afford one device, it is even more relevant.

You really can't say which accessory will "win" until they are both out in stores, and then we'll let the sales figures do the talking. Until then, I'm remaining objective.

jneul3079d ago

your in the movies is a really fair comparison why did they not try offerings such as socom 4, little big planet 2, resident evil 5, because when you start looking at those games in reality there is only one real winner, it's lame how they had to pick the most casual game on the move for kinect to win.
I'll see you all in the future when MS realises you need buttons to allow for hardcore games with motion controls. for now enjoy kineye the first controler-less motion control since eyetoy lol

Bigpappy3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

If I tell you Kinect is better than Move because you have game where there is nothing in your hands, then I would be ignoring all those hardcore people that want to have something in their hand. If I told you Move was better because it has buttons, I would be ignoring althose casual players who stay far away from consoles because buttons confuse the bejesus out of them. Then you have the different appoaches: Kinect uses the entire body(20 ref points) to control games; Move use 1 ref point. The design and gameplay are totally different.

So if you want to say BETTER, you have to say FOR WHO.