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Cory Barlog's Blog. (Director of God of war 2)

"Cory Barlog got a translation the other day of a Famitsu interview with Fumito Ueda, the Director of Shadow of the Colossus, about his impressions after he finished playing God of War 2. It's great to hear a Japanese game maker's perspective on the series so far, especially when it is from someone whom I respect so much. If you are a fan of God of War, or Ico or Shadow, then you should give it a read. The translation was done by Andrew Alfonso, he is a friend of Eric's over at Capcom, who I think is working DMC 4 so a big thank you goes out to him and his team"

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the_round_peg3914d ago

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus = ARTS

God of War = action flick

MK_Red3914d ago

Come on, Ico and Shadow are among the best and truly high art but God Of War isn't just an action game, its also art, brutally mythical art.
Personally, I love them both.

ps3FTW3914d ago

What's with the hate? they are both awesome.

Imalwaysright3914d ago

Shadow and GOW are 2 of the best games EVER!! Period

MK_Red3914d ago

Nice find and title. Cant wait for GOW3 and next Ico. I hope these devs work together one day to create a combination of God Of War and Ico games. Boy, that would be the best, biggest and hottest game ever. Ico Of War indeed!

ThisIsWaiting3914d ago

... and give my PS3 something to do while its waiting for PS3 games to come out.

I just played through GoW 1 & 2 - didnt get a chance to play them before because I didnt have a PS2.

Great games!

I have a feeling GoW3 will be *beyond* epic.

Genki3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I certainly hope that it's MUCH more expansive than before. I actually did think that GoW was pretty "free" for as linear as it was, but I'd like for them to expand upon the levels by an order of magnitude(well...almost).

I'd still like for them to keep distinct levels, I'm not asking for an adventure title ala Zelda(although that would be a good idea to branch the series off in a new direction, imagine Kratos endowing a herald with some of his abilities, tasking him out to do his bidding), but perhaps something with a very deep bit of exploration and platforming, also further expanding on Kratos use of his blades, like grappling, swinging around, hurling objects, etc. I would very much like for them to keep it a level and chapter based series though.

Yep, GoW is awesome, so many possibilities! :)

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