E3 2010 Best in Show Picks (

Stephanie Palermo of Spawnkill Writes: "E3 has come and gone faster than a lot of us had hoped. Some surprises were in store among the updates on games we had already been looking forward to. We got some hands-on time, we saw some sexy animated pixels fly by our computer screens with all-new trailers, and were taken aback by (or grossly unhappy with) new pieces of hardware from all three mega million dollar big daddies (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony). Our team got together and we each chose our favorite game at E3 this year. What were your favorite surprises and games at E3?"

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Snarkasaur3077d ago

This is bullshit. I clearly said that my pick of the show was the exhibitor who showed me the Harry Potter game.

K-Tuck3077d ago

A well-rounded variety.