Does Today’s Generation take Gaming for Granted?

SFG writes: I read the statistics. They say the average age for a gamer is 35 and they have been playing for 12 years. Which would put us in the PS1 era of 1998. I myself am 35 years old, but my video game teeth were cut long before PS1. The consoles we own today are power houses. The functions, the graphics, the hard drives, and firmware updates have all became standard, and I think we all take that for granted, especially the people behind the game. The developers and publishers love this era. They can ship what ever they want knowing that they can patch it later, and if you are not online too bad you can’t get the patch. It don’t matter to them if you can’t patch, because if you are not online to patch it, then you are not online to purchase that on disk dlc. There are people who slow down every game, to analyze every frame, just looking for any thing they can rag on. May I ask, where did the fun go?

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DoublePlusGoodGames2907d ago

I am stunned by the amount of entitlement issues that gamers have these days. It's staggering sometimes.

Take for example that MW2 releases a map pack that costs $15. Instead of "No, I'm not going to buy that. I've already invested X# of hours into MW2 so I think I'll pass." gamers today are saying, "OMG! WHAT A RIPOFF! ACTIVISION IS GOUGING GAMERS! I AM BOYCOTTING THEIR GAMES! I ALREADY HAVE THESE MAPS IN MW AND WHAT ABOUT DEDICATED SERVERS?!?"

Coming from a guy who played "Adventure" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on 2600 for weeks on end, I am slightly shocked at what gamers are thinking. If you want to talk about being ripped off, you should go back to 1981 when Pac-Man came out on Atari 2600. That was a REAL kick in the junk.

Brewski0072906d ago

Man after skimming through pages and pages of flame articles and fanboy comments, its really nice to read a comment which just makes sense.

Unicron2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

At the same time though, you have to understand people are upset at shifts in gaming, and feel like value has lessened in today's titles. I mean, look how much content is left to pre-order DLC? In GoW2, I can replay the game using what, 10 different costumes? GoW3 comes with ONE. The other 3 - 4 were all preorder bonuses with no way of me getting them. Rage on messageboards is easy, but also consider how few people can be considered articulate these days, and fail to put their anger into a readable post instead of just 'rawr mad!'

Yes, I do think entitlement is excessive, but at the same time, it's a balance between consumer and dev. DLC is a great concept, but the practice of it has been a tad abused. I'm sorry, but $15 for a MAP PACK is just excessive any way you slice it. Couple that with Kotick's attitude towards games in general, and you can see why honest gamers would be upset by the situation.I'm upset by the fact that to get the full online RDR experience, that game will cost over $100 now!

On top of that, I DO think many great games are being overlooked these days too by gamers, the same ones complaining that all they get is the next CoD and the next Halo year in year out (newsflash, if its all you buy, it's all you'll be seeing!). Devs are afraid to try anything new because chances are it won't sell! And consumers only have themselves to blame really, since we vote with our wallets.

So I guess I can't pick sides in this, but something has to change...

mastiffchild2906d ago

You seriously think that gamers shouldn't expect the market to advance? Why is it wrong to think in 2009/10 MW2 has the most profitable game in the universe, that they hiked the prices for and called "premium" at every step should have dedicated servers? They gave us almost the same game three years running and didb't put in the only advance that would significantly improve the on line performance and made us put up with lag and other issues because of P2P purely for eeking out even more profit?

I agree about map packs-don't think it's a good price don't buiy it. however, MW2 was a market leading game that the publisher liked going on about at length saying how it lead this and lead that online and dedicated servers were a fair thing for us to expect. They keep wanting our £55 they should do what it takes to imprve ouir experience or there's little real value in moving on to the new one, is there?

Sure, gamers MOAN about a ton of stuff they shouldn't but in asctual fact as a bunch of consumers we aren't very over entitled when it comes down to it and because of industry apologists and fanboys(who apologise for ONE art of the industry and split our community)we actually DO very little even when the industry is taking the pi55 out of us-which it does plenty of because it knows it can.

I played games as far back as yourself(started, really, playing coin ops in my mum and dads pub in the late 70s)but I don't think that has much to do with this issue as many of those gamers willing to say anthing the industry does is just fine are among the youngest with a voice. We complain about too much but as we never do anything we can't really be called over entitled -and we always bend over for the industry when really asked to as well!

A bit more mutual respect among gamers and a more realistic view of what's right and what's unfair in the industry would be amazing to see as then we'd fight the right fights and leave the silly moans about optional stuff alone. Seriously, though, Activision should be offering a better srvice for COD gamers online if smaller games and publishers can manage dedicateds and leave us with smoother game experiences. It's 2010-it's fair to ask our games be modern especially when the word's in the game title!

Persistantthug2906d ago

As much as I love my little nephew, I have to admit I'm a little jealous, but for good reason.

He's got a Wii (that he like never plays anymore), a PSP, an XBOX 360, and he's trying to get a PS3 like his "old unc".

When I was his age, I was lucky just to get my older bro's ATARI 2600 and NES.

But what really made me a bit angry, was when I asked him who bought him his XBOX 360 (he's had it for 2 or 3 years now).....

He freakin told me he didn't even know.

Kids today have no respect for anything anymore.
I sound like my dad now. lol

Marceles2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

Luckily I was blessed to have all of the major systems ever since the Atari 7800, but I think the biggest thing about gamers these days is they're less easy to impress.

One glitch in a game and the game is a FLOP! I'm sure everyone remembers blowing in cartridges and then having to put the NES cartridge in the Nintendo a certain way and the screen blinking gray and black.

Screentear? FLOP! Older games had alot more to worry about than just screentear, and slowdown has always been a thing in gaming, but older gamers had to play on. There weren't any patches every week to try and fix it.

$60 game? Too much..FLOP!. I remember having to buy Street Fighter 2, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario RPG for $70 bucks when they first came out.

8/10 review score? FLOP!

I have to admit great as we have it now with games with graphics we never thought would be possible, great sandbox worlds with plenty to do, etc...I've never had so much fun gaming as I did with the earlier systems like NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, etc. I think the internet, the fact everyone can create a site for their own ambition, and the media getting involved and fueling the fire more has kinda messed up gaming for me this gen.

I remember when there were only magazines...there was EGM, Gamepro which I used to be a heavy reader of ever since Battletoads/Double Dragon was on the cover, and GameInformer to get video game reviews. Now we have or whatever making up horribly made reviews.

Anon73492906d ago

Complaining about 15$ map packs when two of the maps are from one of their pre-existing games and one of the maps could have been thrown together by 2 guys over a weekend or less? Yeah, I don't think there's any entitlement issues there, you're just being ignorant.

There are thousands of QUALITY(Better than anything COD has ever come up with) custom made maps for games like Crysis, Counter Strike, Unreal, Tribes, Morrowind, Fallout 3, etc on PC completely free.

People make these in a few nights, usually only one person too and they're easily better than anything that has come out of activsion, infinity ward or tryarch. If you think these 15$ map packs are justifiable then maybe you should jump off a cliff as your genes could only hurt the human race.

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xYLeinen2907d ago

I agree actually.

Gaming today seems to be nothing more than console competition and lack of gratitude for the developers and publishers. I often watch trailers at GT, and very often you can see a PC title with a debut trailer from a very unknown and small developer. The first thing people talk about is that the graphics sucks, etc. and don't take the game for what it is. Not every single developer starts with a AAA title. I don't know how the fuck many of you people can think that. It actually saddens me on behalf of developers to see how much people takes their games, their passions for granted. There is positive, constructive feedback and there is flaming for no fucking reason.

nygamer282907d ago

yes they do....but its hard not to

lzim2906d ago

the prices make it a huge problem, at least imo

Spenok2906d ago

Looking at today's world it is hard not to take, hell anything for granted.

BAMGameOver2907d ago

all we have is ignorant funboys with delutional logic now a day...

Close_Second2906d ago

...takes most things for granted.

vickers5002906d ago

Yeah, because your generation NEVER took anything for granted, and was completely perfect and grateful when you were younger.


skyblue142132906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

I am 25 now, and when I was younger just having a roof over my head, food in my stomach, clothes on my back, and my real family to be with made me happy and even though my family for the most part did not have much to work with we made due with what we had, and for the most part we had at least a game console or two and games to play and I am grateful that GOD blessed me with all that. My life definitely was not the easiest during my early years but I made the best of it even in bad situations. And "close_second" is right todays generation does take most things for granted, most kids this generation are spoiled and expect everything handed to them, like cell phones, cars, money, etc... I don't totally blame them because their parents should have taught them morals and responsibility. Now I am not saying every kid today is like that but most of them are, and sometimes parents are not to blame if they try their best but the kids wont listen, then in that case I don't blame them. And a lot of kids these days make big decisions without realizing and/or refuse the responsibility that comes along with those decisions, and a lot of kids these days want all the rewards and no responsibility that comes along with it. And a lot of kids don't even show gratitude for people doing things/favors for them because they expect it or take things for granted, and I think that is wrong. Now no generation is perfect and everyone has their faults, but it seems like this young generation is falling apart commonsense wise, morally, and financially. And even though my family for the most part does not have much to work with I realize that my family is rich(concerning having things and also most importantly true riches) compared to other people throughout the earth. And true riches are not found in materialistic things, but true riches are found in a personal relationship with GOD, true happiness,gratefulness, the soul, family, relationships, love, loyalty, faithfulness, dependability, trustworthiness, wisdom/knowledge, responsibility, respectfulness, etc.. I think you get the point. No one should take anything for granted and should always be grateful for what they have whether it would be things or true riches or both but most importantly true riches. So before you type think of what you are saying. I am not judging you but merely giving you advice, use it wisely.

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